What snow goose outfit would you recommend?

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by geb, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. geb

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    SW LA
    I'm looking for a successful outfit that does spring snow goose hunts. There are so many guide services out there, I'm hoping that those of you who have had good experiences will respond with your recommendations - I'm an easy person and don't mind helping with the setup if necessary. My track record with selecting a guide service, on my own, based on their advertisements is horrible. I found one outfit on the internet that does 3-day hunts at $125/day in Missouri; Arkansas would be a shorter trip for us.

    Personally, this season has been very sub-par at my goose lease in Sw. LA., and I just can't end the season on such a bad "note".

    thanks for the comments.
  2. ChrisInAr

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    Adam lyerly at bayoudeviewoutfitters.com

  3. dogfandan_24

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    i hunted with goosebusters last year. it was a blast and we whacked the geese. hoot gibson, www.goosebusters.com
  4. Buck

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    It depends on the weather. If there is snow on the ground,I'd use the white bed sheet outfit,but if there is no snow,I'd go with the muddy soybean or rice outfit.:thumb:
    As far as outfitters go, Adam at Bayou DeView usually does pretty good.
  5. .270Win

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    This year Adam has teamed up with Bo Brewer (http://www.lostcreekkennel.net or "Lost Creek" on this board) this year and they have started www.bustin-geese.com. I know this because Bo is my cousin and I build both of their websites. :thumb:

    They are booking hunts every day and when I talked to Bo on Friday he said they already had a lot of hunts booked. These two guys can put you on the geese if anyone can. :thumb: