What shells shoot best out of a SBE with a Patternmaster?

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Nat42, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Nat42

    Nat42 Well-Known Member

    I have a SBE with a Patternmaster and shot Drylocks and Black Cloud last year and they shot ok but not as good as my 870. Any info on want works good in this gun?
  2. cuppedup

    cuppedup Well-Known Member

    green ones or red ones

  3. BIG DOG

    BIG DOG Well-Known Member

    is the pat master a wad shooting choke? if so it will NOT shoot the blk clouds well. (they a non wad stripping choke)

    i tend to listen to what the pros recomend IF i can afford it, i shoot federal ammo (blk cloud in particular) in my benelli product and my cheapo O/U (yildiz) and have found my shell per duck has dropped considerably, i also shoot the federal steel loads in the redish brown box, i hunt mostly timber and i use improved cly in both guns.

    my friends shoot kent fast steel in their sbe's and they seem to like it

    my 870 liked dry locks the best
  4. Nat42

    Nat42 Well-Known Member

    Thanks i'm going to get a box of Kents and see how they pattern.
  5. BEME46

    BEME46 Well-Known Member

    I have a M1 super 90 with a long range patternmaster and it does good with Remington Nitro steel 3" 1and 1/4 oz. # 1's and 2's
  6. ace777

    ace777 Well-Known Member

    DON'T shoot black clouds out of a patternmaster choke. i'm not sure about a sbe, but i've got a nova with a patternmaster. i spent a day and shot every kind of shell i could get a hold of at 30, 40, 50 yards. winchester and federals 3's and 4's shot better than anything out of mine. also 3" shot better that 3.5's :head: but every gun is different.
  7. OltCaller

    OltCaller Well-Known Member

    Lead Shot shoots the best for me! :biggrin:
  8. ihateroboducks

    ihateroboducks Well-Known Member

    Turkey loads and 00 Buck should have you right.
  9. Nat42

    Nat42 Well-Known Member

    Mine is the long range but thanks for the tip I just need to go shoot it. I bought it at the last min last season and didn't play with it and I also found out floating the fourth shell was a waste of time most of the time.
  10. Nat42

    Nat42 Well-Known Member

    Mine is the extended range sorry
  11. greenhead smackdown

    greenhead smackdown Well-Known Member

    federal speed shok #3's in 2.75" or 3" are the best. I have patterned most of them, and those were by far the best. Honestly if you hunt timber, i would go with the 2.75's, b/c they pattern the best at 40 yards, believe it or not.
  12. Nat42

    Nat42 Well-Known Member

    Really i'm going to try it. I love the gun and just need to put some rounds thru it. Did you shoot box Kents?
  13. greenhead smackdown

    greenhead smackdown Well-Known Member

    Yeah, i tried Kents as well. Kents were good as well, but not as good as the speed shoks. And the best part was that i got a case of the federals from Fort Thompsons for $75
  14. Nat42

    Nat42 Well-Known Member

    I'll damn sure give em a try!
  15. zpenter

    zpenter Well-Known Member

    get rid of the pattern master!!!! it sucks i use to shoot a pm and a good friend of mine name tim bradley told me to get rid of it so you dont argue with the best shooter in the world look at these T1 T2 T3 i shoot T2 in the woods and T3 for long shots http://www.robrobertsgunworks.com/flash/flash.html
    you have to check out the pattern testing it is like no other !!!!
    no more counting the holes the computer does it for you!!!!!

    look rob up he will help you any way he can and by the way he is benelli"s custom shop that is who does all of there work you cant go wrong:up:
  16. madduck87

    madduck87 Well-Known Member

    Use police crowd and mob stoppers first...that way you have wounded decoys...then swap over to good ol 3" #2's....winchester or federal.....if u shoot dead on u dont need to pattern....funny how for year limits where killed with a modified or full barrel with 6's and 8's....better patterns do help more pelletts hit ducks...but its like turkey hunting one pellet in the right spot is all u need
  17. ace777

    ace777 Well-Known Member

    that's the shell that shot best in mine also. i didn't have any 2 3/4's but the three inch patterned way better than anything else.:up:
  18. MollyWhop

    MollyWhop Well-Known Member

    My pm seems to shoot 3's and 4's best. If you were in the timber I would imagine you could even get away with shooting 6 shot.
  19. Nat42

    Nat42 Well-Known Member

    Hitting birds wasn't a problem I just had alot of close range cripples.
  20. wood duck whacker

    wood duck whacker Well-Known Member

    i think black cloud says do not shoot out of a ported choke