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  1. arkrem870

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    I've been running a yamaha VMAX 225 2-stroke for a good while and really liked it. Now I'm shopping for new ones (150hp on a 20ft aluminum center console). I'm looking at Yamaha SHO, mercury 4-stroke, and mercury pro-xs 2-stroke.

    Anybody have any advice? I'll hit local lakes, Arkansas river, white river, and a trip or two down to big lake/Venice per year.
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  2. Bucker10

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    I've had a 225 Yamaha 2 stroke

    I've also had a 250 Sho

    Loved the Sho

  3. sam

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    Just got back from a week fishing in northern Minnesota and saw hundreds of boats up there, most were 40 to 300hp. What surprised me was that 90%+ of the newer motors were 4 cycle. Lots of Hondas, with Merc and Yamaha probably neck and neck for runner up and Suzuki outboards next. Only Evinrude I saw the whole trip was on the back of my boat.
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    That outta be enough to tell a guy what to buy and what not to buy.
  5. SwampCat

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    I think some of that is more area specific. Southerners like bass fishing and have to beat everyone else to the spot. We like mercs and two strokes were the most popular for a long time. Most of the Northerners like the four strokes. Honda is a lot more popular up there. Mostly 4 stroke Yams on their rental boats. In the toughest fishing environment in the US - coastal and offshore salt - it is 90% 4 stroke Yams.
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  7. arkrem870

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    Well.....when I considered everything I went with a mercury pro-xs two stroke. It was much cheaper with the boat I ordered and I am very comfortable with two strokes. I may go 4-stroke next time but for now I'll be running a two stroke again.
  8. silentassassin

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    Good choice, I think that or the sho are both great motors.
  9. Bucker10

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    If you like two strokes don’t ever buy a sho. Because you won’t own another