What kind of hog is this; and what other kinds are out there?

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  1. SalineRiver

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    I'm no hog farmer :doh: and I don't know much about them. Aside from killing every one of the vermin swine I can, I have little to do with them.

    What kind are the following hogs:
    1. white with black spots
    2. black from the shoulders back and head with white wide verticle stripe around the shoulders
    3. solid white

    The ugly, hairy black (looks like Bigfoot got romantic with one of Tyson's best hogs) are everywhere but I don't know the difference in the rest.

    Please edumacate me.
  2. VALES

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    Feral hogs...no difference except color....they all taste good

  3. White with black spots could be a mix.
    The black with white stripe is most likely an Hampshire.
    The all white could be Yorkshire but there are several white hogs.
    All Red could be a Durock.
    Most of them inter breed though so they all could be a mixture they dont segregate when it comes to breeding or feeding.
  4. SalineRiver

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    I guess that is what I was asking; what traits are these coming out.
    Hampshire, Yorkshire and Durock. Now I might sound like I know what I'm spying through my scope...
  5. arc3162

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    black from the shoulders back and head with white wide verticle stripe. This sounds like a hampshire to me do these have ears that stick straight up, very pointy? Solid white would probably be an american yorkshire. the hairy black ones could be a duroc. Most durocs are red but they can vary from a light brown to red to black. will have longer very very coarse hair and droopy ears.

    Feral hogs inner breed so much it is hard to really give a straight answer on what is what. If you really want to know you can post some pics of them and I should be able to give you a pretty good idea of what they have in them.
  6. AfterLife

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    good read huntmore

    didnt know there was such a difference

    they are all "dead" if they come by me, :up:

    what are the ones that look colored up like a javelina? any particulars?