What is your most memorable hunting experience?

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  1. Rackmaster

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    What is your most memorable hunting experience?

    Mine would have to be the times I took my children hunting. We never shot a thing, but we had a great time.
  2. austincrutchfield

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    Well i cant just pick one out, i have so many from the first time i ever went hunting, first deer after hunting for 3 years, my biggest deer, training my first coon dog, kansas hunting with good friends, or taking friends hunting that hadnt had the chance and get them something. Just way to many memories and i hope to make many, many more.

  3. Honestly, I've had so stinking many "memorable" hunting experiences that I can't pick out just one.

    Every time I get to go out it's pretty memorable, whether it's THE END OF TIME or a GOAT-ROPIN'.

    Going with friends is awesome. I've met many new people hunting as well.

    I prefer the times out with friends who are successful more memorable than my solo trips into the woods. Besides the most recent really fun duck hunts, I gotta say that in my mind, the top hunts are probably the turkey hunts with my buddies Levi and Tim in Viola the past few turkey seasons.:up:
  4. gutpile

    gutpile Well-Known Member

    Dfinately my sons first, second, third and forth deer. the excitement was unbeleivable. i havent fired a shot this year with my rifle. id rather see him shoot than me anyday. i love how big he acts after killing a deer and hes only six:thumb:
  5. carverhill

    carverhill Well-Known Member

    Mine was my first hunting season after my pops died. I never allowed myself to think about things while he was sick, and even after we lost him in June of that year. When fall rolled around it hit me that this was the first time in my 43 years I wouldn't be hunting with him. I went out with a heavy heart that year. I knew he would want me to keep going so I did. It was hard but I knew it was something that I had to do. All those years I hunted with pops, now I had to do it alone. I took some big steps that fall, for me. I still miss my pops.
  6. Hooked Spurs

    Hooked Spurs Well-Known Member

    Similar to most other responses, there have been too many to pick just one.

    A few memorable ones:

    I was about 11 years old, just like most every Saturday my dad took my brother and I squirrel hunting. We killed a good mess that morning, cleaned a few, built a fire. We brought a skillet, flour, milk, etc. We ate fried squirrel, gravy, and white bread right there at the head of an old logging road. To this day, that might be the best squirrel I have ever eaten.

    When I was about 11 or 12 my dad took my brother and I for a week long turkey hunting/camping in Missouri.

    Frog gigging all night with good friends back when I had no responsibilities.

    Doubling on two turkeys with my brother 16 years ago. He was facing north and I was facing south on the same tree as they came in from two opposite directions. 1, 2, 3....Boom. Worked out perfectly. Seems like yesterday.

    Traveling during turkey season with my brother and good friends. Have met some great people and made good friends along the way.

    I hope the best is yet to come with two young sons nearing hunting age.
  7. Gutshooter

    Gutshooter Well-Known Member

    I remember sitting in a tree stand at Black River, hunting with my brother in law, trying to get a text through to him to see if he'd seen anything. Couldn't get a signal, so I just bowed my head and said a prayer for him, 'cause he'd been trying so hard, and wasn't having any luck. Five minutes later, I got a text..." Dude! Just shot monster 8 pt. !" After tracking that deer through the water 50 yds, we found him dead. Very good deer, and the bro. started crying, and I did too! He worked hard for that deer, we both did, we just forgot the most important tool...prayer.
  8. Tony Harris

    Tony Harris Super Moderator<br>2012-13 Deer Hunting Contest Wi Staff Member

    I love turkey hunting and getting to work a bird whether it is reduced to possession or not isn't vital to it being a success. There have been many more times than not of the bird living another day but they were all memorable.

    My best to date was hunting with my wife back when we had a small farm in Slovak. We were sitting together, she was the shooter. We had forkhorn walk under the stand, then a doe busted out in front of us and ran by the stand followed by a really nice mature buck who presented no shot. Then she said big buck, big buck. I was looking trying to see it and asked her where, she said under the stand. I looked down and saw a wall of massive tines about 10' below and 10' in front of the stand. I grunted with my mouth told her to shoot. I could see a leg through the pines, she said she could see its butt and almost to its chest, she didn't shoot. We saw another mature 16" 8 point but it too was moving and looking for the hot doe and a few more smaller bucks that morning, all told about 8 bucks, 4 of then being mature deer. Never fired a shot. She apologized for not shooting and I told her 'this was the best hunt I have ever been on'. Was then, still is now. Its not often you get to see real hot rut action with some sure nuf mature deer.

    BTW my dad killed the 16" 8 point out of that stand 3 days later. We never saw the big one again. We killed a few mature deer over the years there, a couple over 200# but that morning with my wife was a gift.
  9. tyhunter23

    tyhunter23 Well-Known Member

    There so many but two that sticks out over all of them would have to be my first deer and the one that I think of all the time is I was lucky enough to take a handicap child hunting last year and he got his first deer.
  10. Rackmaster

    Rackmaster Well-Known Member

    Great stories guys. Isn't it interesting how a thread about a positive topic gets so few responses, but negative threads go on forever? :smack:
  11. 4hunting

    4hunting Well-Known Member

    As with most of the other post I have to say those times when my kids were involved.

    As you are right, is kinda funny that these type of threads seem to draw the less attention!:head: Beat if someone was to start a thread about the less memorable experienece it would allready be several pages long & Mod's would have to be pouring water on their delete keys to keep them from over-heating!:banghead:
  12. Juice

    Juice Well-Known Member

    Bro, those 2 were the first I thought of from our youth.

    Another involving our crew was walking thickets, making drives during the late muzzleloader season. We jumped a buck and doe from the top of the hill and Hooked Spurs shot him as he crossed a logging road at the bottom of the cut. The best part of the story is that we shot at this buck about 9-10 times. We finally got him down and he's on the wall at HS's office. I've got a great picture of the whole gang in my photo album. Awesome hunt. Our crew had another great hunt with a nice buck being killed.

    The hunts over the past few years with the kids are very memorable as well.

    A piece of advice, carry a video camera at all times, we've recorded a bunch of our hunts, adds so much more to the experience.
  13. Gemini2281

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    I got a late start when it comes to deer hunting. I had always hunted small game and birds but never got into bigger game. My uncle, who practically raised me after my father left when I was 6, had tried all my life to get me into deer hunting but I would never go. Finally, a few years ago he talked me into it. My father-in-law had some land up in Drasco and my uncle came up opening morning of bow season and we went.

    Right at day light a nice 10 point moved into the clearing and after slowly working his way into shooting range I took him down. I sat as long as I could to give my uncle time to hunt but after a while I couldn't stand it anymore. I went tracked the deer then went to get my uncle so he could help me drag it out. The look on his face when he saw the deer laying there is something I will never forget.

    He had been with his son when he got his first deer and he got to be there for his other "son" when I got my first one. As excited as I was about that deer I know it meant much, much more to him. This was the man that had pretty much raised me. He taught me a lot about hunting, fishing, the outdoors in general, and most importantly he taught me what it is to be a man. Knowing how much it meant to him I had the rack mounted and gave it to him. For months afterwards anyone who came by the house he would sit and tell them the story. The rack still hangs front and center on his trophy wall.

    Here is my daughter and I with the deer I took that morning.

  14. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    My most memorable memories would have to be my first deer I ever shot, it was a pretty nice 8pt with a small kicker, haven't shot a better one since then either, and that was 13Yrs a go:smack:

    Here's a pic of the skull and rack from it.

  15. pounder

    pounder Well-Known Member

    Duck call

    My dad took me and my bb gun duck hunting with him every time he went and it would amaze me how he could get the ducks to come to him with a duck call.I lost him when I was 8 and all my duck hunting ended. A friend talked me into going deer hunting 25 years later and I got hooked on it, I've killed my share of deer. I tried grunt calls to no effect until a friend told me to just get a single grunt or cluck instead of what you see and hear on TV. I tried it when 1 blew at me as I'd always been told when they blow the hunts over so nothing to lose. I give him a single grunt and he blew again so this went on 3 more times till he walked straight to me and into the freezer. I did this 4 more times this year, 3 of em to just watch. When I shot the first one I thought alot about the duck calling 53 years ago and I've felt someone's in my stand with me watching what he loved doing, callin em in.
  16. 7 point

    7 point Well-Known Member

    Some of my most memorable hunts are from when I was kid hunting my Uncles farm out at Crows Station. I remember one year when I was 16 my dad and my buddies parents let us skip school the day before the deer season opener. We thought we were big stuff running around LR getting the stuff we "needed" to go hunting. Went down to the farm and had a bunch of family down there. Camped out had a big fire and I believe it was the first time I or my buddy had ever had coffee. Well anyway we didn't kill any deer but the funniest thing was we were fishing up at the pond and had a pretty good stringer of Bass on when Brendon noticed the fish were swimming away:eek: He jumped in that water cold fricking water trying to catch those fish and came up empty handed. So we spent the rest of the afternoon by the fire with trying to warm Brendon up. That was probably one of the best hunting trips I've ever had. Dang I sure miss those days.
  17. GWHunter

    GWHunter Well-Known Member

    It would have to be my kids best bucks. Then their first deer kills. Then my first buck. Then my biggest in that order.

    I remember spending an entire evening and early the next morning trying to convince one of them where to hunt based on activity in the area. He was determined to hunt a different stand and I thought about making him get on it but decided to keep trying to get him to understand why. That morning we walked out and the wind was perfect for that stand and he killed his biggest to date that morning.

    One other was I had a hot area I was hunting and I had a stand picked out. The problem was getting past where I felt a nice buck was bedded. There was only one way to get in to the stand so I put him on it pretty early in the afternoon. Instead of hunting I waited till about thirty minutes before dark and rode the four wheeler to a spot about a quarter mile away so the buck might go in his direction and it worked.

    Many memories, some good and some not so good. Probably could write for longer than you'd be willing to read. I guess I'm most thankful that were still able to make a few more. Hopefully for several years to come.
  18. Rackmaster

    Rackmaster Well-Known Member

    Great stories! Keep them coming.
  19. stealthycat

    stealthycat Elite Member<br>2015-16 Bow Hunting Contest Winner

    1996 my Dad and I backpacked into a wilderness area in Colorado. semi-bivy hunting, rough hunting ..... second day I bugled in a good bull, after drawing 3 times on him at about 10 steps as he rubbed a tree I shot and killed him. The whole thing 15 years later is still very vivid in my mind. I gutless quartered him, got the meat situated and as the weather turned headed back to camp. I arrived at camp exhausted, dehydrated and sick as a dog because I'd eaten salmon for lunch and I'm allergic to salmon it seems ... dry heaves, horrible night .... anyway, that night it buried our little tent in snow and the next morning we decided to head off the mountain to the cabin my Mom, wife and sister in law were at.

    There are a lot of details about the whole experience and it'd take a long time to type it all out ! We headed back into the mtn's the next day, some 8-12" of snow buried everything. On the way in, I bugled in a gorgeous bull that sniffed us, and later a nice 6x6 came in to literally 8 steps and my Dad double lunged him.

    2 bulls on the ground now - great. Two days of packing meat, sore muscles, determination .... my Dad at the time was 6o years old and he matched me step for step. I was 25.

    Anyway that might have been the greatest hunting experience ever because we both tagged big bulls, the extreme weather and hunting conditions, me getting terribly sick, my Mom and wife and SIL being there too ..... notice the knee brace - my knee was so stiff in the morning I couldn't bend it

  20. smokin joe

    smokin joe Well-Known Member

    When I was 11 my grandfather took me turkey hunting. He called in 5 long beards and I got to kill the biggest 1. Will never forget that day :jiggy2: