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What is your favorite stand site?

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Just a fun question. What is your favorite stand site? Not most productive, not one you killed your biggest buck off of, but just your favorite.

Mine is a 1/2 acre food plot on an old house place (the house has been gone 20 years). When I bought my place several years ago, the first thing I did was clear all of the saplings and brush off of this site. I also planted some sawtooth oaks and have turnips on it about every year. Off to one side, there is an abandoned car with a tree growing through the engine compartment. I have killed several deer off of this stand site, but it is just an enjoyable place to sit. It sits on an extremely high portion of Crowley's Ridge, and you can see for miles toward Marked Tree. I can hear Canada geese on Lake Poinsett while sitting in the stand.
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Not a stand but a milk crate that I put in the woods. (private land) I killed few deer off it and it's just so nice to hunt.
Mine is a slight ridge between two sloughs in the river bottoms. The ridge is about 60 yards wide and is in beautiful open hardwoods. There are two large cowoaks that have produced acorns every year since I've been hunting there, even in years other trees didn't. I've killed several does there (including one this year) but never a buck. Still love hunting that spot.
I like hunting my parent's property. It's one of the only spots I have. About 3 minutes from the house. Easy to get into. Easy to sit in. I've killed deer there just about every year. It was a lot prettier pre-logging, but I still like looking at my green wheat food plot that came up so nicely.
I have a 20 foot ladder stand in the corner of a food plot. Its a sure fire spot. Hardly can remember sitting it when I didnt at least see a couple of deer. Killed a bunch off that spot.
A very specific red oak acorn tree that drops a ton of acorns every year! its especially a hot spot when the rest of the acorn trees dont produce many acorns...unlike this year:cool:
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