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I remember being just home from Viet Nam and the deer season was coming up. I did not have a good rifle so I went to Ft. Smith, AR, one Saturday morning and came home with a Browning Lever Action in .308 and a box of shells. Got it for $125.00. I put a scope on the rifle ( Weaver K-4) shot the box of shells sighting in the scope and getting familiar with the rifle. So a few days later I went back to Ft. Smith and came home with a Lee Loader, primers, powder, and bullets.
Finally the season opened and there I was on the North side of Mt. Magazine at daylight and it was 7 degrees. I thought I was pretty tough but soon found out it was to cold to set on the ground with my back to a big pine tree. So I stood up and starting slipping from one big tree to the next. About 8:45 am I was standing next to a big white oak on the bank of a small creek that had water (ice) in it. I did not like the idea of stepping on the ice to cross the creek so I just stood there mentally planning which way to go without making a lot of noise or getting my scent in the wrong place. I saw a movement in some brush and green briers and there was a really nice 7 Pt buck standing less than 10 yards right in front of me. I looked at his front shoulder through the scope and it was so close the hair on his shoulder looked like strands of well rope. I got the shot off and watched the deer run over a rise in the ground and out of sight. Without moving out of my tracks I could see blood on the ground so I just stood there for a while listening to the sounds of the woods around me. After a while I walked to the top of the little rise and I could see him on the ground about 25 yards from me and it was obvious he was dead. He was a main frame eight but one eye guard was only a bump. The deer weighed 180 lbs field dressed and is the biggest body deer I have ever killed. I don't have a photo of the deer it was lost in one of my many transfer moves with the Forest Service. But I did recover the .308 150gr. Winchester bullet. The bullet was lodged in the off side shoulder just under the hide and I found it while skinning the deer. That was 38 years ago this fall.

Do you have a story to share? :thumb:
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