What is it?

Discussion in 'Trail Cams and Photography' started by AR Thumper, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. tmeredith

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    Hard to say for sure, but I'm guessing a fox or maybe a bibcat.
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  2. ARoutdoorman

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    Bobcat..shape of the back leg looks feline to me
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  3. R6mm

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    N. Texas
    Looks like a bobcat.
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  4. AR Thumper

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    Bobcat was my thought too. I have several dogs coming through But this kinda looks like a cat to me. Something killed 2 of my neighbors cats around the same time, BUT I think it was the Dogs that did it. I wish the picture was clearer but it is what it is. Thanks for your replies.
  5. Tal_H._Branco

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    Don't know what it actually is, but if you look closely there is something about the neck length, the shape of the ears, and the overall shape and size of the body that just don't jive with "Bobcat". (I've had some folks in NW AR & East OK who have seen and described critter that looks pretty much like this one, but ........ o_O.
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  6. QuailRidge

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    Giant Anteater. Must have migrated north because of climate change. IMG_1995.jpg
  7. whetstone

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    My first thought was badger. They don't usually come over into Arkansas but they are native to Texas and Oklahoma. One could easily have come over into Arkansas. My dad says that he saw one once at Collier Springs between Mt Ida and Glenwood. Said he watched it for a couple of minutes as it was walking down the creek. Said it was so unusual that it took him a minute to figure out what it was.
  8. Tal_H._Branco

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    Well, by dang, with the weather we've been having this winter,I bet that picture was taken when he was hauling his butt back south.
  9. John Stiles

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  10. HEVI D

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    Baby squatch learning to crawl
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  11. AR Thumper

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    Actually it was headed WEST!:)