What if Obama does NOTHING in regards to guns?

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by backstraps, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. backstraps

    backstraps Well-Known Member

    So I had an interesting debate with my democrat friend yesterday. He is a hunter and gun owner. I asked how in the world he could vote democratic being a gun owner. Basically his stance was that democrats did not want to ban guns at all. He admitted that they did want tighter restrictions against so called "assault rifles" but hopefully not ban them from the public

    Of course this is a brief summary of our discussion but the question I am asking is this.

    Obama is the devil to most of us and we all believe he is the biggest threat to gun rights this country has ever faced.

    IF he does NOT pursue any gun legislation will you feel differently about democrats position on this issue? Will you stop panicking about gun rights?
  2. backstraps

    backstraps Well-Known Member

    The answer to my own question is yes it will put me at ease about losing my guns in the future. If any democrat would try to do it Obama is the guy. However, I would not support a democrat unless the party line changes which I don't see happening.

    I still think gun rights will be decided in the courts by judges. That is where we have made progress with decisions like Heller. But many of these laws are on a state level. Not a chance in hades the southern states would ever make significant changes.

    But the question isn't about what you think will happen but more if your opinion will change if NOTHING happens.

  3. SwampCat

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    No - it will not change my way of thinking. Obama will probably have a chance to seat two new supreme court justices and so far, his supreme court picks have been decidedly anti gun. If he follows suit with additional picks, the supreme court will be overall anti gun - potentially adversely affecting gun owners for many years to come.
  4. rchunter

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    I think Obama will not do anything to limit gun rights, but it will not be because of a lack of desire. He and the other dems in charge have bigger fish to fry, i. e., fiscal cliff, massive ongoing economic crisis, bad foreign policy problems, and many many more. Many of these problems are a result of his poor leadership, misdirection, and incompetence. The previous two administrations play some role in our current problems as well, but o has made things much worse. Over the next four years all of these problems will become worse, and new ones will be added.
  5. papagg2

    papagg2 Well-Known Member

    The ones he will be replacing r the old liberal justices, so they won't really gain any seats, just replacing liberal with liberal, i hope. But to answer the question it won't change my opinion.
  6. rchunter

    rchunter Well-Known Member

    Won't change my opinion, either. I think he is the most disingenuous president to occupy the office. He is also the most divisive. He only caresmaboutnpower and he will do whatever he has to do to keep it.
  7. backstraps

    backstraps Well-Known Member

    Just to be clear!

    This is not about whether you will change your mind about Obama. But Democrat leaders in the future.
  8. QuarterBore

    QuarterBore Well-Known Member

    Won't change my opinion. I know that they would enact sweeping firearms bans if they thought they could get away with it. They know that it will not work in the current political environment, so they will instead attempt to regulate guns and ammo out of the hands of US citizens. I liken this approach to the old frog in a pot of water. He'll sit right in that pot and boil to death if you increase the heat gradually.

    I look for "reasonable" firearms restrictions to slowly increase to the point that owning a firearm is no longer reasonable.
  9. johnf

    johnf Well-Known Member

    Yet with all those real problems his MO has been to deflect and focus on a more ontroversial topic to further separate the nation. Devide and conquer seems to be his plan. Spit Americans so he can redefine us.
  10. SwampCat

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    Two of the three oldest are conservatives. Ginsburg the only liberal in that bunch. Right now, 5 conservative and 4 libs. Replace one of those conservative with a liberal and it is then 4 conservative, 5 liberals.
  11. stealthycat

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    Obama is leading this country towards Socialism ..... that's this goals, that's the problem and he's sunk us 7 trillion in debt. He's the great divider, rich/poor, black/white, Christian/muslim - his gun views/stance is irrelevant to the despise I have for what he's doing

    so no, it won't matter
  12. backstraps

    backstraps Well-Known Member

    Of course BUT

    I'm only asking about gun issues. If he is our worst enemy for gun rights will u be less scared about the issue in the next election?
  13. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
  14. backstraps

    backstraps Well-Known Member

    No doubt there are anti gunners out there in the government. That's what I tried to explain to him.
  15. Gun rights are only one of many issues where the Dems are dead wrong and must be opposed.
  16. John Stiles

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    Go ahead and let obama sing you a lullaby.......when you wake up and he's still living in the whitehouse 10 years from now, and all guns have been outlawed, confiscated, and melted into scrap....you will regret you ever believed a thing your democrat friend said! That's how you do it....you say you won't, get people on your side, throw a big party, and while they're drunk, you lock them up and spoil their goods! Dream on.
  17. miketyson26

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    gun grab...

    I may be wrong but besides some loud chest beating on the Democrat side and maybe some from the Indepenents and a few Republicans to boot, I don't see any real gun control legislation being passed during Obama's next 4 years. Do that want to go after the guns? Sure they do. The only way either of the major partys can hope to "RULE" the American people for the next 100 years is to disarm us. But there is still to much public outcry against gun control for either party to get the mandate they need to make it happen. Expect a nickel and dime approach. Ammo taxes, FOID cards like Illinois, hand gun registrations, etc.

    But severe civil unrest here, political assassinations, changing world conditions, limited vital resources or even a behind closed doors deal between the Dems and Repubs could all lead to a major gun grab. :down:

    So buy guns and ammo with cash money and bury them deep.....:whistle:

    Miketyson26 :flag:
  18. sam

    sam Grand Member

    If he does nothing it will just mean that he (Obama) , Pelosi and the other Damn-o-crats (that think they know how they should run our lives better than we do) stuck their fingers into the political winds and didn't think the time was right, yet.
  19. hillbillycycles

    hillbillycycles Well-Known Member

    You can take it to the bank that Obama and his cronies want to do something big in the area of gun control. However, recent political history has forced them to hold back. When they feel the time is right, look for it to be both swift and sweeping. Sort of like an Obamacare for guns. Most of us won't know what hit us until it is too late. Don't doubt what they would not create or "help" a situation to turn public opinion either. Mose deceitful bunch I think that has ever been in office.
  20. Terrierman

    Terrierman Well-Known Member

    Won't change my opinion.