What have you learned?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by btech29, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. btech29

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    What have you learned about the folks on ARHunting? Ive made some good friends here and this is a great site. Its funny to me how much you can learn about a person you havent even met. For example......

    Coonnutz has weak shins.

    Mr. C is on the FBI's watch list for hoarding excessive amounts of ammo.

    Arcountryboy beats up old men at a drop of a hat.

    Polywog is very anal about game and fish regulations and is on a first name basis with the folks in the Little Rock office.

    Stealthy has penetration issues.

    10 dont like his gas cap.

    Anyone else made any observations?
  2. rgwill

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    Btech is a blogger and his wife is very observative

  3. johnf

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    btech29 is way too observant to be a casual observer. :cool: :skeptical:
  4. arcountryboy

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    You may not know it, but this man's a spy...
    He's an undercover agent for the FBI, and he was sent down here to infiltrate the AH.net! :fit::fit::thumb:
  5. tmeredith

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    I've learned that Stealthycat hates Rage broadheads and every deer in AR lives at either Soark rebel or Tony Harris' leases.
  6. austincrutchfield

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    I have learned alot over the years about way to many members to even start listing them. I do remember CP was and will always be the king at catchin 10+ pound bass:thumb:
  7. coonnutz

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    I have learned btech is a chicken raising cattle farming blogger:fit:

    FB doesn't play around in humor and games:whistle:

    Dirtymax hates it when folks kill little bucks:rolleyes:

    Dsmtuner can play a mighty mean game of words with friends:smack:

    Froman really does have a fro:biggrin:

    Tkcampb1 taught me button bucks usually travel alone

    And lastly this is the greatest forum I have ever belonged to, and I really appreciate all the friends I have made off of here in the last year:up:
  8. AR Coon Hunter

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    B- Has an obsession with big racks.(this may get him in trouble at the house:shrug:)
    10 point man- don't like to spoon.
    Gundogs and Frizz- are full of bull.
    Coon Nutz-has a better internet handle than I do.
  9. i wish I had dsmtuner1's mechanical knowledge

    would not have one issue hunting with guys like soarkrebel, tony harris, possum and several others that I can't think of off top of my head. They have a good grasp on what hunting is really about.

    Mr. C is a a guru on reloading and firearms.

    btech has too much time on his hands

    cjdavis and allstar on yote killing methods

    you can tell what days John Styles has had his meds and what days he has not :razz:
  10. 10pointman

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    B really hates blk cows
    JohnF has small hands
    ArCoonhunter ain't right :biggrin:
    Bigfoot and Panthers are alive in arkansas
  11. coonnutz

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  12. Tink

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    Yea learn that no matter what your wrong an no matter how much you wrong your right.

    I learn if you need 20million opinons just start a rage broadhead.
    I learn there are way more babe killers out there I ever thought:skeptical:
    I learn btech shoots spitfires.
    I learn Mr. C whatchs every move on here.
    I learn that this is the only web site I go to now.

    I can go on an on I love this site.
  13. tmeredith

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    Prolly the most valuable thing I've learned here is that you can't eat the horns.
  14. Tink

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    Wrong you can to just grind them up put in with your deer burger an natural seasoning. :up:
  15. tmeredith

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    Well actually I have been working on a gravy recipe for 'em, but if you don't get 'em ground to a real fine powder you can chip a tooth real quick like.
  16. T......you just gotta treat them right and they will show you some love.....:biggrin:
    We'll see if they show me love ......it's time for the annual get the meat in the freezer hunt.
    I promise to treat the survivors right with some newly fertilized pasture to dine on soon.....:biggrin:
  17. tmeredith

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    Be sure and post some pics. I'm not sure I remember what a deer looks like.:fit:
  18. Tink

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  19. papagg2

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    I've only been on the board since Aug 2010, but I've learned this can be addictive and take up a lot of your time. The only one's i know on here is Ar. CoonHunter and Btech. but I feel like I already know a lot of you guy's , I'm enjoying my new found hobby, prolly driving my wife crazy always asking her how to spell words. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good HUNT.:up:
  20. It is amazing what you can learn about people on here without even seeing them.
    You assess them for who they are and not what they look like that is what a lot of people do.
    btech is a hard core trophy hunter that I would love to hunt with someday....not only because He has a good grasp of deer but He seems to be a good person.
    Mr Chitlin......I have think of the man as a friend even though we only have conversed on here.....the PM's we have sent each other would get us both booted.....:fit:
    Possum is a fine person with a good personality that is a family man. I have seen his family on FB and He has a good one. Another I wouldn't mind cooking and eating some grub with in the woods.

    John Stiles is a good person!!!!! I have talked with him on the phone and truly what you read is who He is!!

    Johnf is another one I like....I am sure the man is a good band director and a good role model for the kids at Perryville HS.

    Handgunner I have known for years......the only thing I can say about this good man is it's a good thing He can't type as much as He can talk......:whistle::biggrin:

    Tony Harris is a good man......but He can get on his soap box just like I do sometimes....but He is much more rational then I at times.....:whistle:

    Mojoman .....because of this site I found out we are long lost kin because of a Tony Harris post.....:up:

    huntbigbucs I could hunt with .........

    10pointman.......at first He was a feather ruffler but now He is a good role model on here....:up:

    tmeredith......he is just pot stirrer.....:biggrin:

    Stealthy....He isn't a bad guy just one of those that will argue with a wall ......it may be raining but He will argue it's not..
    I first read his posts on another website and couldn't stand him.
    He grows on you......:banghead:

    Well for the moment I will take a break....