What have we learned in 2,066 years?

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by .375H&H, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. .375H&H

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    "the budget should be balances, the treasury should be
    refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of
    officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the
    assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest rome
    become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of
    living on public assistance."
    - cicero -55 bc
  2. loki

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    From the numbers of pro-pot and pro-homosexual agenda liberals we have around here these days I'm thinkin' it just may be too late for arkansas already.

  3. bracomadar

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    Yeah, that's really what's increasing spending, smoking more pot and gay people, not the billions spent on the war on drugs, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, social security, welfare and all the rest of the stupid projects we got going on.
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    Cicero is one of my favorites;he put forth the idea of "natural law",i.e., a man has the right to defend his family and property,not because someone passes a law ,but because he just DOES. God(Cicero was a roman pagan,so the term is generic) made the world the way it is,right is right and wrong is wrong,males and females of all specie mate and reproduce,gather resources,care for offspring,and defend nest sites,all without lawyers or politicians,this is what the English wanted for themselves with the Magna Carta,and what the Founders were talkin about when they wrote"We hold these truths to be self-evident,that all men are created equal,that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,that among thse are life,liberty and the persuit of happiness"Our rights come from God,and the purpose of government is to protect them,not bicker over which ones and how much!:flag:
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    X 100,000,000
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  7. .375H&H

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    I don't even drink anymore much less smoke pot. Now saying that if someone who has cancer smokes a little pot to ease the pain I could care less. God bless them.
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    You do know that Cicero was a lawyer who was killed for his outspoken political perspectives ?
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    Yeah,he was killed by Marc Antony,an imperialist,because Cicero was a true republican,and would not sit still while those who killed Caesar split up the spoils,some things never change
  10. Mule man

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    I agree