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    Like it or not on a national level democrats will follow liberal doctrine, mark my words. If McCain is elected at least we will have some hold on him through the republican party not to mention the supreme court. Here is what we are looking at with a vote for the liberal Obama or Clinton.

    What it means to be Liberal by ME.

    Being liberal really means taking away all personal responsibility and calling it "a disease".

    Being liberal means to take away the rights of those who take care of themselves and forcing them to take care of others.

    Being liberal means taking away religious freedoms from those who believe in something, so those who don't don't have to feel threatened.

    Being liberal is the face of justice with the body of injustice.

    Being liberal is imposing a society without morals and calling it enlightenment.

    Being liberal is taking away my right to defend my self so I can be safe.

    Being liberal means killing babies and calling it "Choice"

    Being liberal means letting child rapist and murderers live in the name of compassion.

    Being liberal means not letting me pray with my students in the name of freedom of religion. (I do it anyway )

    Being liberal means burning my flag and calling it free speech.

    Being liberal is letting our country be invaded by hostiles and then giving them my money.

    Being liberal is cutting and running so we can fight here later.

    Palomino, PALOMINO!!!! (from snl skit)

    This was ask of me a while back

    When was the last time you conservatives paid a strangers power bill, gave them money for gas to go see a doctor? Answer never

    My answer
    Almost every week in Sunday school. We just don't put it in the paper or on the news when we do it.
    Last month my Sunday school class (8 guys) dug a well for a family who was without water, put a pump in it and a filter so it would taste good and be safe to drink.
    What did we get out of it? The satisfaction that we knew we helped someone who needed it.

    Where does my F.I.C.A go? Some of it goes to people who need it and I've got no problem with that. A lot of it goes to a bunch of lazy degenerates who want it.

    Bumper sticker I saw a few years back.
    Work hard, millions of people on Welfare are counting on you
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    Well said! :applaud:

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    John McCain has just as much intention of destroying this US as anyone....his policy of forgiving all the illegal people in this country is a free ticket to terrorism....not only that, but when our troops do get home, they won't have a job, and with gas at $4.00 a gallon, we will be in the worst freakin recession this country has ever known! I'm gonna vote for Romney today to defeat McCain now....then later when it comes down to the draw, I'm gonna vote against the one I don't like rather than the nobody I do! It's a new tactic I've adopted to screw the media and squeeze the supreme court eggheads! ~john
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    Oh yeah...the word "liberal" is a buzzword used like a flyswatter to pepper the democrats shaggy heads and aggravate the crap out of them. If the politicians would concentrate more on running the country and the peoples's concerns instead of constantly trying to start a war.....we'd be miles down the road toward the Good!!
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    So you would rather see Hillary or Obama win? McCain would be my #5 choice, but at least with him he would be restrained a little by the party platform. While that may not be much, it would be a lot better than free reign liberalism for 4 years.
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    I don't want to imagine what this Country would be like after four years of Hilldo or the muslim. :smack:
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    Stock up on evil black rifle parts and magazines TODAY!
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    You people talk about 4 years....I am gonna predict that if a democrat takes it, it will be for the next 8 years!
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    Probably 16:smack:
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    and shells:frown: :smack:
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    Pardon me if this is a little "hijacky"--I can't believe the number of people who work at the defense plants in East Camden that are planning on voting democratic. Don't they realize that their livelihood may be in jeopardy if the democrats win the election? It amazes me.:smack:
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    Thats what I'm talkin about Crab. I have talked to a ton of them folks that are gonna vote democrat. It is hard to believe they would vote for someone who is gonna cut their jobs.
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