what do you look for in horse hay

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  1. What do you look for when you buy good horse hay. Timothy, Orchard grass, Clover. Putting in 25 acres of hay field and spending the $ for good quality hay. Just want to know what yall look for.
  2. jcp

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    I like Bermuda , field we cut is mixed oats and bermuda , makes good hay . Took a few years but it all comes back on its own now , run fertilizer over it in spring and let'er go .

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    I would stick with Timothy and Orchard Grass... Bunch of people think horses need alfalfa and its not really good for horses, plus the blister beetles will kill horses.
    Just good quality grass hay is fine for 95% of the horses, a really good grass hay should bring $7.500 per bale. We ran into some problems with Bermuda a few years back, it has a mold from when it had grown and was pretty toxic, the grower ended up have to spray fungicide on the growing grass to fix the problem.
  4. Looking at a mix of orchard, timothy and the red clover.
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    Common Bermuda grass makes better hay than Tifton. Common is softer & more weather tolerant. I raised lots of hay on my farm when I had cattle sold a lot to horse people.. Orchard is good but don't do as well during hot weather.
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    I try to bale a bermuda/mixed grass for our horses. I dont do anything special, and our horses work for theyre keep. If my field of bermuda dont make, they just get cow hay.
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    We go with the Bermuda rye grass mix covers all seasons plus usually get an extra cutting of hay
  8. Common Bermuda is good but will never never come close to matching tifton on yields.
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    I think all your grass depends on your location an grounds shape. We have creek bottom ground on one farm an it's unreal then we have hill ground that its usually off on yield from the creek
  10. That's a good choice. It wouldn't hurt to have Bermuda mixed in. The first cutting would be low in Bermuda. The next cuttings would have an increase. I am feeding orchard, Bermuda and red clover mix first cutting and it's mostly orchard.
  11. Bermuda or you'll be sorry in south

    Common or tifton. World feeder might be worth a look too.
  12. Talking to the U fo A, and might go with Teff
  13. Working up 25 acres every year sounds like a pain unless you've got great equipment.
  14. I got a couple good tractors and equipment. I've got good ties in south Tx can sell all the hay I can get down there. Right now Tifton 44 is $12 a bale. Just looking for a good horse hay crop. I can rotate in Ryegrass.
  15. Tifton is 12$ delivered?

    Problem with rotating in rye grass would be too late to plant the teff after baling the rye grass.
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    I've got several bales of rye grass Bermuda mix 4x5 if anyone needs any or know of anyone got 95 rolls in barn.
  17. No that's not delivered. $1.50 mile for delivery. The Teff can go in after fear of frost. Could you just over seed in late march with the Teff.
  18. 12 bucks for square hay?

    Why would you not want that?
  19. My father-in-law works for Valero in South Texas can sell 800 bale at a time of good clean horse hay to one guy, He uses 3000+ a year. So I need a quality hay