What Do You Call the Thing that Holds Bullets on a Gun?

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What do you call the bullet holding device on a gun?

  1. Clip

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  2. Magazine

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  1. Just wondering...
  2. mwmwbm

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  3. Veo

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    I call it both, but voted magazine as I normally refer to them as mags the most.
  4. 10pointman

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    I know its a mag but I cant help myself,Sometimes I still call it a clip.
  5. mwmwbm

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    ammo goes in the mag.
    bullets go in the casing.
  6. Ekspurt

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    A magazine holds the entire round inside it while a clip only holds the case from the outside. Clip examples are stripper clips that hold the case by the rim or the en-bloc clip for the M-1 Garand.
  7. HotGuns

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    Is this a trick question?

    Magazines hold the bullets.
    Clips are used to hold the bullets in the magazine well like in a M-1 Garand.
    Stripper clips are used to enable fast reloading of magazine fed rifles.

    But alas...newbies,talking heads,Democrats and the uninitiated of life call them clips,
    whereas the educated gun guys call them magazines.
  8. mwmwbm

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    if you're going to argue symantics about firearms while using the wrong term for the ammounition/cartridge go for it.
  9. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    What Do You Call the Thing that Holds Bullets on a Gun?

    I call the thing that holds bullets on my gun a buttstock shell holder.


    If you are talking about what feeds ammo into the barrel then that's another thing. Depends of the firearm, I use magazines on my hi cap handguns and AR's, I use clips on my Garand and stripper clips to fill my AR magazines.
  10. buckhorn

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    I'll be. I have always been told, obviously wrong, that if it was removable it was a clip and if it wasn't, it was a magazine.
    Now I know.

    Maybe clip is just easier for us rednecks to say.
  11. glocker

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    it's a magazine, clips go in little girls hair
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    Democrats call those things Child Killers and Illegal (well they will be in a few months)
  13. It depends on the firearm, and some firearms have neither.

    That said, the bullets are held in place by the cartridge casing.

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    I call mine a bullet-bra:razz::razz::razz::biggrin:
  16. x2
  17. Ekspurt

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    If you're going to throw around words like symantics, you should learn how to spell ammunition.
  18. Buckrub

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    Bullets are never held onto a gun.

    Not ever.

    They won't stick.

    Bullets are held onto a casing by crimping the casing around the base of the bullet cylinder above the frustrum. Beneath the bullet is gunpowder. The casing, bullet, powder, and primer, when combined properly become a CARTRIDGE. CARTRIDGES are sometimes called 'rounds' in vernacular or in multiples.

    One day they are going to come take our 'guns' away and we aren't going to know what to give the crazy blokes!!! Learn what you own, guys.

    The device that holds multiple cartridges and feeds the firing chamber is usually called a MAGAZINE. I have no real idea what a gun 'clip' is.........
  19. mwmwbm

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    No, Mr Expert, I know the definitions of the words I use. I never claimed to be great at spelling. Also, when it counts (i.e. not an internet forum) I use spell check.

    p.s. it is spelled EXPERT