What do yall think about a Polaris Ranger?

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  1. Arkie_3_fan

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    For utility use, I really like the mules, but for riding in the woods and trails, the Ranger beats them hands down.
    I’ve never driven a mid sized ranger but the full size does ride much better than a Honda Pioneer 700. I don’t know how they compare to the Pioneer 1000 though.
  2. Allenn

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    I own a ranger I have owned pretty much every brand and several different ones of each brand there for awhile I was selling and buying close to 7 or 8 a year for personal use. I currently own a ranger and here at work we have brand new mule diesel and neither ride even close in comparison to a ranger. Ranger is smooth Razor are great to can’t beat he fox suspension. Here is my conclusion on all the ones I’ve owned take in to consediration mine weren’t used average and were used for hardcore mud riding so probably not what you plan on on doing. So my conclusion stay away from Artic Cat, stay away from Kawasaki currently own a brute force when Kawasaki run they are good but they break all the time have owned several (your SIL I’m sure can shed his opinions with the Kawasaki. Honda and Yamaha are very reliable and can handle a lot of abuse they just don’t have to power if the V-twins they aren’t even in the same league to be honest. One reason they don’t break as many parts is they don’t have to power to. That being said they are very reliable and probably would do what you wanted but most Honda’s don’t have a locker so basically isn’t a true 4wd, but like I said Honda and Yamaha very realiable. Now to Can-am and Polaris both have lots of power lots of towing capacity both very reliable motors also. The Can-am has visc lock 4wd with the 3 Can ams I have it worked like crap it basically is supppse to keep you from poping a axle like I said works like crap In my experience. Part are a little higher for a can-am I had lots of clutch problems with which is a common know problem and there not cheap also had transmission problems out of two of the three I owned they aren’t cheap around 2k for a new one. Now to Polaris they ride great and have lots of power hence why they break axles ect . The reverse chain use to be crap but that issue has been fixed. In reality with that much power of the can-am and Polaris you want your axle to be your weak point to keep from break differential ect which is way more money. Now to John Deer gator Dad owns the 850 lots of power rides great fox suspension doesn’t have the full bench seat though. The ground clearance isn’t very good either. The motor has ran great but lots of electric issues with the fuse block which will leave you stranded. The clutch isn’t smooth at all either causing it to jerk a lot on take off. Towing isn’t near as good either. I wouldn’t buy a kubota or a John Deer unless they are tractors. So my conclusion what I’ve had the best luck out of is Polaris all day long. This is just my opinion so take it for what it’s worth. Nothing wrong with Honda, Yamaha, can-am or Polaris. I’d stay away from the rest. I personally think for how I figure you would use yours you would be the happiest with a Polaris Ranger. You can a Plain 1000 for close to 11k out the door at Abernathy TN I think is what they quoted, but I would probably op for power steering though. Anyway sorry for the long post and like I said these are just my personal experiences and what I have seen while being around lots and lots of them and owning several. Just my personal prefrance and I’m not dogging the other brands.
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  3. SwampCat

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    My son has a can am commander and it is a regular visitor to the shop. And you are right about the Kawasaki - pretty sure I never went riding with my SIL that his Kawasaki made it from start to finish. From what I have had experience with, at this point I am leaning towards the Ranger - one of the smaller, narrow width 500 or 570.
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  4. Matthew.loftis

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    700 is junk.
    800 runs hot.
    500/570/900 are the shizzzle. My 900 XP is a power monster. Power steering, everything. Time will tell on the 1000s, but I bet they'll be aight as well.
  5. Allenn

    Allenn Well-Known Member

    From every thing I’ve read and seen. Never owned one but the 570 is suppose to be one of the best motors Polaris makes and has plenty of power.
  6. Onetrakd

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    My dad bought a new 570 in October no complaints yet. Now for me I’m too tight to buy one I’ll borrow his, walk or tear my truck up.....
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  7. hogsbreath

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    I love my Polaris Ranger 900 XP. Don’t skimp, and be sure to get power steering. I don’t drive fast, but occasionally I need to haul box stands and wooden poor man’s duck blinds through rice fields. With the right tires, that ranger can’t be beaten. The only thing I’d find more useful than a Ranger in certain situations would be a mid-90s Honda 350 4x4. Those things are small tanks and can haul a load for a small/midsize machine.
  8. Hivernan

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    If I was going to get one to use for work everyday I would get a Diesel Kubota. My dad and another rancher I know, drive them every day and barely ever use a truck. They are not fast but they are well made and will last.