What do I do about stray dogs?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by BillF, Jan 29, 2008.

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    Here is my problem. I had 2 families clear off some land and bring in 2 double wides late last summer right down the road from me. With them came 3 little brown mutts. I know we live in the country and everything but dang it, these little dogs are are on my land a lot, getting into my trash, and worst of all are eating the corn out of my deer feeder! Why would dogs eat dry corn? They are there every time it goes off and eat all the corn it throws out. Last night I watched them come and start eating the corn as usual and saw deer up the hill just watching them. They had to be thinking " why are these little brown mutts eating our food?"
    What is the right thing to do here? I know most would just shoot them. I could get away with it but I can't bring myself to shoot some kids pets. I have before and felt terrible about it.
    Well I said 3 mutts. Make that 2 now. I have a live trap and caught the smallest one last night. But I don't think my trap is big enough for the other 2. I didn't hurt him. Let's just say he has been "Relocated". But is this really any better than shooting them? I could confront my neighbors about them but one is already gone now and they will know it's me if any more come up missing. I don't want to be know as the "mean neighbor" either.
    What would you guys do? I'm tired of spending money on corn just to feed little brown mutts! I have a feeder going all year long to feed the wildlife not dogs.
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    It's difficult to keep occupied in the off season, so a little dog snipe-ing will generally bring some satisfaction. Benjamin makes a sweet little brass pellet rifle, so does Sherman.....either .22 or .177 calibres. You can also find some great single shot adult pellet rifles that have great muzzle velocities. Anyway.....theres a certain spot right between the hind legs that is the "bull's eye"!! Have fun!!:thumb: ~john

  3. Cha-ching! I have neighbors like that - had em' for years. They always have several mangy, half starved mongrels and they end up around our place.

    One took up residence under a little portable building I used to use as an office. It got to where every time I wnet in or came out the door my pants legs would be covered in fleas. And I don't mean just a few. So I just finally - against my will - disposed of the wretched creature.

    There was no need in talking to these people. They didn't treat their kids any better than their dogs, and the kids had that same hopeless, beat down look about them that the dogs had!

    It made me sick to have to do it, but over the years I've had to shoot several of the half starved mutts. I can't feed the world's dogs. Some of them would even come up and growl and bark at me! No NO!
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    I've always made several attempts to teach them where they didn't belong. A boot to the rear if I could get close enough or maybe a well placed BB or pellet to the backside a couple of time and the generally got the idea and actually I've only had to dispose of one, and it made that fatal mistake your spoke of clawmute, it met me on my own porch growling and barking.

    I did however have to put down a neighbors well fed Doberman once for running a mare and colt in the pasture right behind the house and believe it or not this did not cause problems with the man. He said he understood and would have done the same.
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    It may have to come to me exterminating them but I'm going to try everything else first. I have already shot them with my daughters little daisy several times. One even got close enough for me to get him with the hammer I happen to be holding. But they always come back and do not have to go through my yard to get to my feeder. I'm on the hunt for a little larger live trap right now.
  6. a dead dog is better off than a starving, flea infested, sick and lost dog. just my opinion
  7. In your situation I would just shoot them and be done with them..........and when they bring more do the same.
    You might call DHS if the kids look that bad. Now I can shoot a dog and not bother me one bit but I couldnt stand to see kids that I knew were being neglected and maybe abused without doing something.
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    I have no reason to believe their kids are being neglected. The parents even wave at me when I go by if they are outside. I just don't want to stop and say "Hey nice to meet you. Welcome, I live up the road from you. Oh, by the way I'm going to shoot your dogs"
    It just seems disrespectful to me to let your dogs run loose and have free reign on all your neighbors property. I have outside cats. But if they wonder on your property and start causing problems then shoot them. I would understand if there was a reason.
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    X2! While some people may say that this is cruel, so is starving to death and being infected with parasites and diseases.

    Yes, that is what my dad would always do when we lived out in the country. People would always drop dogs off in our neighborhood hoping that somebody would take care of them. A well placed .22 caliber bullet will put a mongrel mutt out of its misery.
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    I would go up to them and nicely explain how their dogs were causing a problem on my property. Their reaction would dictate my actions beyond that point.
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    My father has been fighting this issue for years. Some folks just dont give a dang about their dogs or that their dogs are wreaking havoc on neighbors. Getting into garbage, shattin in the yard...etc.
    The only way to rememdy the situation is to do the dog a favor and put em down.
    Dont worry though, your neighbors will get more unspay dogs and you will be busy for a lifetime disposing of stray dogs.
  13. I shot one poor dog one night that made me sick just to look at him. You could see every bone in his body and he was nearly covered in mange. He was the most pathetic looking thing I have ever seen, and I really was putting him out of his misery.:frown:

    It happens every deer season. A grungy hound showed up this fall and I finally ran him off with no shots being fired. Many dogs are left to be a nuisance after being loosed to try and run a deer. Every year I can count on it.:mad:
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    When I was a kid we would usually give a dog two or three free passes at our place. If they became a nuisance they usually died quickly of "lead poisoning". If they were aggressive to us or our animals they didn't get the luxury of a second chance.
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    To me it seems to be a question of whether or not they are being cared for and jsut wander. If they are taken care of, played with from what you can tell, then a talk may be needed, the people may not know they are wandering to eat your corn. We have one dog that likes it, so it can happen. If they are starving and your corn is the only food they seem to be getting, then i think other alternatives may be warranted, but I really think that then wandering and coming to see you warrants them etting disposed of. A bb gun does wonders, especially if every time they eat corn they get a little sting, they may not want to come back. I guess I may be a little differne than some of the other people on here, a kids pet is not an automatic bullet for eating corn....
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    You think the same as I do sleepyluke. These are not mean dogs and they don't seam to be starving. I've tried the BB gun. They always come back. My feeder is in the woods on my own land but I can not be there everyday twice a day when the feeder goes off to shoot them.
    Another issue I have not mentioned is the fact that I am spending between $1500 and $2000 on an 8x10 insulated building (deer stand) that overlooks my feeder. I'm even running 140 yards of power from my house to my stand. This is a lot of expense just to watch the neighbors dogs eat your deer feed. Don't ya think?
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    I would talk to the neighbor first to see if it is a pet and explain what is happening and hopefully that would work if not a bullet could cure your problems.
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    you "reloacated' it ?

    if you took it off somewhere and dumped it, you're part of the problem ! If you killed it, that would be the way I'd do it

    I had a neighbor move in too - golden lab that aint got no sense, tried to kill my chickens ... LUKE is his name. Luke is trying really hard to get shot, I fenced all but one little area of my place but I've seen him here still. He knows when I'm not here, and the next time I get a chance, I'm killing him and not saying anything to anyone about it.

    I left a very nice note in the mailbox of the lady who owns him and not a single word back.

    Luke's day's are numbered
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    If caught shooting a dog,ANY dog,falls under the Animal Cruelty Law. You may be better of talking to the owners or contacting your local sheriffs office. I also live in the country and we have alot of dogs droped off. Call your sheriffs office.
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    Some neighbors you can talk to till your blue in the face, they keep animals they dont care about. We have all seen it.
    Call the lonoke county sherrif dept about some dogs and they will probably laugh at you then tell you to shoot it. They dont have time for such matters, specially in rural areas.