what did this to this buck?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by megabucks, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. megabucks

    megabucks Member<br>2011 Turkey Contest Winner

    mtn. lion maybe?:head:


    looks nasty, this is the second buck with a crazy wound this year in the same area.
  2. pruitt76

    pruitt76 Well-Known Member

    That is pretty nasty. Is it possible it's a grazing shot from a rifle? He still looks healthy, except for the wound.

  3. megabucks

    megabucks Member<br>2011 Turkey Contest Winner

    that is a pretty tough angle for a rifle, but anything is possible.I have a neighbor that said he has had farm goats and calves dragged away by something and he swears his horse was attacked by a mtn lion and had the claw marks to show it.horse still alive.:dontknow:
  4. arcountryboy

    arcountryboy Well-Known Member

    Grazed downward shot from a bow or rifle, 20ft stand and a close deer will equal that angle.:shrug:
  5. THExONE

    THExONE Moderator<br>Deer Hunting<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting

    obviously a Rage BH. :biggrin:
  6. pruitt76

    pruitt76 Well-Known Member

    Nah... Rage would have cut that deer's head right off. :fit:
  7. megabucks

    megabucks Member<br>2011 Turkey Contest Winner

    That is kinda what i was thinking, or maybe he was running away from something and snagged it on a fence or something. Looks like it is torn to me.
  8. GWH

    GWH Well-Known Member

    My vote goes to fighting with another deer.
  9. mossyhorn

    mossyhorn Well-Known Member


    It could be anything. Fighting, barbed wire, gun or bow, car......
  10. mossyhorn

    mossyhorn Well-Known Member

    you should of been in that climber and we could get a better look at him....:biggrin:
  11. My vote also goes for fighting another buck. I could be wrong. It won't be the first time I was wrong.
  12. megabucks

    megabucks Member<br>2011 Turkey Contest Winner

    Ya maybe this one with the cutter off the base.
  13. lonwen99

    lonwen99 Member<br>2010-11 Deer Hunting Contest Winner

    Hit by car:head::flag:
  14. arkansas hilton

    arkansas hilton Well-Known Member

    1986 toyota celica, does it everytime.
  15. willfred219

    willfred219 Well-Known Member

    I don't know, but I would be on that stand. He sure does seem to favor it. 3 times in one day wow.
  16. dash4cash

    dash4cash Well-Known Member

    :fit:I needed a good laugh, thanks.:fit:

  17. pd2

    pd2 Well-Known Member


    Looks like a Sasquach scracth to me????
  18. Mossybuckkiller

    Mossybuckkiller Well-Known Member

    If you look close.... You can see BLACK HAIR.:eek:
  19. hunter34

    hunter34 Member<br>2014-15 Bow Hunting Contest Winner

    taxadermist getting a head start:whistle: