What can we learn from Australia?!!!!

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    Great video, thanks.

    The statistics here given are very telling, and this is exactly how it would be played out here in America. I hope anyone and everyone who is pro-gun ownership will not be so naive to think that our Government is any different than any of these others, they all want your guns.

    I remember reading a letter from man over in Europe years ago, he was warning America that there were many in his country who were saying that they would never take their guns right up to the time that they took them. We have to remember that there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes even though we may not always be hearing about it at the time. Personally, I believe that the people behind the agenda to strip America of her gun-rights are never asleep, never in a lull, and will never cease in trying to accomplish their goal of a complete ban on all guns of all kinds.

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    "Never let a Crisis go to waste"

    Eric Holder "Attorney General of the United States"