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    Seems like the world is getting meaner by the day. Any time something like the Connecticut tragedy happens, everyone is quick to point to guns. Assault weapon (whatever that means) bans always becomes the catch phrase. I think that all of us on this site agree that guns aren't the issue. Guns can't load themselves, aim themselves, and fire themselves. It takes a human mind, hands, and human eyes to fire a weapon. It takes a specifically sick mind to use a gun on innocent victims.

    The anti-gun crowd will always have their position. While we don't agree with their position, it is still a position. It is something that they can rally behind and garner support for. We say that disarming us will only make things more dangerous. It will allow real criminals to have free reign without fear. Unfortunately, many of the sheeple and our politicians can't follow that logic. They don't realize that anti-gun laws only inhibit law abiding citizens.

    So what is the position we, as gun owners, can get behind. Better access to mental health is something that comes up often. Unfortunately, from my experience, people that need mental health help often don't pursue it. Those that are close to these people also often marginalize their problems. They blame their loved one's issues on stress or "daddy issues" or something like that.

    We need something we can get behind and push as a solution. What is your solution or thoughts?
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    I totally agree with you, but I don't know what it is. Anything you bring up, antigun people shoot down as quick as you get it out of your mind. They operate on emotion and will not budge.

    I think the best position is showing numbers on gun violence, then showing numbers on gun violence during the bans we had during Clinton and showing that there was no help by those bans.

    Also, showing how all of the massive shootings have been in gun free zones with no opposition, and that if we had more awareness and amared citizens, these cowardly gunmen would not flock to such areas.

    Also, you could show the statistics for people killed in gun tragedy per year, then show the people killed, by drunk drivers, per year, and ask is there really a question as to which issue should be dealt with first.

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    This is a problem with three main issues; mental illness, popular culture, and yes.....firearms. The democrats are focusing on firearms (again) because most of the demographics that make up liberal america don't like firearms anyway. They get to say they banned "assault rifles" and call it a political victory, which is what it will be. We all know this is only the beginning because there will always be crime and crazy people and besides "if a little gun control is good a lot more must be better".........right?

    Just about all we can do is to continue to elect those who promise (and hopefully keep their word) to oppose such measures as the democrats dream up. It's not going to be easy as our state is filling up with democratic party leaning demographics but the ballot box (and unfortunately the republican party which I don't trust as far as I can spit) is just about the only thing short of armed insurrection that can stop this process. Time, I fear, is not on our side.
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    I found this some where elese. This is the solution.

    We are an armed society. Plain and simple. America's problem is not guns. Mass shootings were never commonplace years ago like they are today. Our children are products of Lazy and Absent parenting and that is the problem.
    1. Parents need to be actively involved in their childrens' lives
    2. Parents should not use XBOX 360 or PS3 as Babysitters
    3. Actively Regulate what your kids watch on TV
    4. Lessons in humility, compassion, love, and loss.
    5. Don't blame TV, Video Games, Magazines, etc. for how your child has turned out. That is your fault for allowing them to intake that information. YOU ARE THE PARENT!!!!
    6. If you are a gun owner, 1 simple step, LOCK THEM UP AND LOCK THE KEYS UP!!
    7. MOST IMPORTANT, DO NOT PACIFY your child. If they loose, let them feel loss, don't give them anything they want, make them earn it. If they cry, kick, scream, stomp......don't give it to them. Stand your ground and your child will turn out to be a better person for it.
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    The solution to all of this is simple and people are just over thinking it.... If you want all these shootings and other things to stop then ...... Put God and prayer back in schools and in homes. Until that happens there is no hope.
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    Well said!!
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    You are no longer in control of your schools. You need to look for another option. The state department of education is. Since that bureaucracy is staffed by political appointees I'd say the democratic party is in control of your schools. Now that we've adopted the common core standards I'd say your schools are now going to belong to the federal government. Care to guess who controls most of the us government for the forseeable future? As for your home, you've got that much.
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