what calls are better

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  1. coyot22.250

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    what calls are better mouth or electric
  2. englishdawgs

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    I think they both have there advantages and disadvantages.

    With the eletric callers all you have to do is turn them on so your hands are free to move the gun if needed. But they only sound the way they are programed to sound. With the mouth calls you can make them sound alot more realistic. But in most cases your hands are tied up and you have alittle more movement to get busted with.

  3. coyot22.250

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  4. btech29

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    If you get one of the better electronic callers the sound are real animals. They are easier to use and keep you hands free. Mouth calls have their place too, like in the dash of your truck. :biggrin:

    Fox Pro is hard to beat if you do buy an electronic.
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    Well I have limited experience but I can tell you this as far as electronic callers go , my buddy's Johnny Stewart sounds a lot better than my Western Rivers.