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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by jac82, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. jac82

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    ne ar
    getting a new toy for christmas. I am going to go with the remington 700 i just cant decide what caliber. i would like to have something that shoots flat 50-200 yards. Can a 270 do this I know a 300 will just wondering what everybody prefers now days. thanks
  2. dash4cash

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    The 270 would be a great choice, and it does shoot flat. Their are guys on here with alot more knowledge than myself, so hopefully you will get the answer you are looking for, I use my 270 for our deer season when rifle hunting, and love the way it shoots.


  3. buckhorn

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    Most of your modern day cartridges will shoot flat over that range.
    Me, myself, I have a hankerin for a 7mm-08.

    243, 260, 7mm-08, 270, 280, 308, 3006, 2506 all could accomplish what your wantin. Just goes to personal preference.
  4. AR_deerslayer

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    try a 280 . . I got one this year and love it . flat shooting, hard hitting . Ive had lots of rifles, very impressed with its performance
  5. pruitt76

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    I love my .280. :thumb:
  6. JohnnyMac

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    As others have said, just about every bottle necked, smokeless rifle cartridge will hold within + or - 3 in. out to 200 yards easily. A lever-evolution 45-70 is only 4 in. low at 200 when sighted in 3 in. high at 100. Where most folks start looking to a flat shooting magnum cartridge is when they are shooting past 300 yards. Past this point is where most of the cartridges start separating themselves. Of course a 300+ yard shot on a deer in AR. is pretty uncommon.

    The .270 is amongst the flattest shooting non-magnum cartridges available. If you're looking at strictly a deer rifle, I'd check out the 25-06, it has a laser like trajectory, very little recoil, and hammers deer dead.
  7. Hobbshunter

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    Pretty every caliber under the sun fits the bill for what you stated. Let's narrow it down a little... Do you want to be able to shoot it all day at the range without beating you sensless? Would you ever use the rifle on bigger game out west like elk? What about elephants? You like trendy stuff that's the "newest besest" or just plain old reliable stuff? Do you want to buy ammo anywhere, or do you reload?
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    .308 is the best IMO ammo cheaper and readily avaliable just about everywhere . I have a 7mm mag , 30/06,270,30/30,243, they all stay in my safe haven't shot them in years but my .308 gets used and abused year after year try the Power Max 150gr bullets 21.00$ at walmart more velocity than ballistic silvertip every animal I've connected with has dropped right there dead !!!!
  9. The 280 Rem is an awesome cartridge but I think the options are limited for rifles chambered in this.
    I have a bunch of 700's but I will pick up my 270 win most of the time.
    I have an older BDL in 270 that it's in a synthetic stock and it's had some trigger modes that is my favorite.
    I am partial to the 270win...it's never let me down.
    That would be my choice......
  10. Buck-Ridge

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    I would pick a 270 or a 30-06. Because everyplace that has shells will have these 2 available. And they will be in the future. I personally wouldn't go smaller than .270 but thats my opinion. A.308 would be another choice that I would consider.
  11. RAZZY

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    Model 700 in 25-06 OR a model 7 in 7mm08....
  12. jac82

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    ne ar
    thanks for quick replies what is the main difference in 270 280 never really heard of 280 7mm 08 heard people say there replacing 270 in the gun cabinet what is advantage 308 how is recoil compared to 300 and others mentioned just curious what will shoot flatest out to 300 yards my purpose is deer hunting only maybe letting my nephew who is 11 use it on youth hunt next year i was thinking about getting a 300 but i think its to much for him plus ammo about 10 higher than other calibers thanks for all info
  13. Nuge Fan

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    Big fan of the 25-06. My dad has one that is a joy to shoot (outside of it being a left handed gun). Flat shooter
  14. A 270win is just a 30-06 case necked down to .277. A 280rem is a 30-06 necked down to .284 or it shoots a 7mm bullet.
    It's a 7mm in a long action cartridge instead of a 7mm rem mag in a mag action.
    300 yard shots either is more then capable but for those ranges I like the 300 win mag ..I assume your referring to a 300 win mag instead of a 300Weatherby,300RUM ....
    I prefer my 7mmSTW for those ranges but Remington doesn't chamber it anymore.
  15. twodoes

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    My vote is always .308!! p.s. all projectiles start to fall as they leave the end of the barrel. :head:
  16. possum

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    I'll be honest with ya, I've always been a big fan of the 30.06 but the more I read the 7mm-08 is really start to look pretty dang good.
  17. neahunter12

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    Theres not alot of difference between the 270 and 280 Its just in between the 30-06 and 270. If the 270 and 280 are sighted in at 200 yards the 280 actually retains more energy at that range and usually drops less than a 270 past that range. Plus the bullet is near as big as the 06 which is usually over kill anyways so you get the best of both worlds. The 7mm-08 isnt much different than a 280 either they shoot the same bullet but the 280 handles heavier bullets a little better. With the same bullet the 280 drops an inch less than a 7mm-08 at 300 yards so not much difference but with the 08 you get a short action which means lighter gun, shorter gun, and more room to mount a scope. And I would defiantly not give an 11 year old a 300 thats to much kick for my liking never mind a 11 year old. A 308 would be pushing it but he could probably manage its kick.
  18. Basegasket

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    I have a Rem 700 BDL in 25-06 and love it. I had one in 270 and it was a great gun also but the 25-06 shoots better. May just be those two guns though.

    I grew up and lived in north MO until the late 80s. In the 70s we hunted coyotes almost every weekend in the winter. I have killed a lot of coyotes with the 25-06 at 300+ yards and a few at 440 yards (across a square 40 acre field where we wintered bulls).

    The 270 is still in the family. My brother has it and has killed a lot of deer with it.

    Although if I were getting another gun now, I would go with the 700 in 270 simply because I no longer reload and 270 ammo is more readily available than 25-06.