What brand trail camera holds up the best?

Discussion in 'Trail Cams and Photography' started by ArkyVarminter, Dec 25, 2010.

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    I know there are alot of brands out there and some have to be better than others. I have tried Stealth cam, Wildgame innovations, Wildview, and Moultrie. All have died. I am down to my last Moultrie I45 as we speak. I don't know which brand is the best so I done some research online, read a ton of threads in different forums, and talked to some friends in an attempt to decide which one to buy next.
    I found out that Reconyx is at or near the top in reliability since they supposedly have the fewest returns of any camera but they are too expensive for my blood. I also found that the Bushnell Trophy cam is supposed to be a very good camera. Wal Mart sells a Bushnell camera but it isn't the Trophy cam, it is apparently a cam that is built exclusively for Wal mart since it isn't even listed on Bushnell's website. I have a friend who uses the Wal mart Bushnell cameras and he has had good luck with his. Some are a couple years old and still going and he leaves his out like 6 months out of the year.
    I'm just curious what you guys have had luck with and I mean in terms of longevity? Maybe we can conclude which brands serve us better in the long run. My luck has been terrible and I am very gentle with my cameras and take care of them but I can't get past a year with one. I know that Cuddeback is supposed to be a good camera but the reviews it received were not what you would think they would be. I don't know which to buy but from what I have heard and read, Bushnell will be my next one to purchase....:head:

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    Something interesting i found on another forum:

    I have used Cuddie Back, Moultrie, Old Bushnell, Stealth Cam, Wildview, Wildgame Innovations, New Bushnell and a few other short lived units from companies don't even remember. I have had problems from every manufacturers product at one time or another.

    I got the Cuddie Cams when they first came out with the digital line. They were good for a while. By the time I started having problems with them, the warranty had expired.

    I didn't like the Moultrie cams at all. The pics were of very low quality and the battery life wasn't all that great. They were also a pain to program, you never knew if you got it right until you went to get your pics. I also had problems with their customer service.

    The "old" Bushnell Trail Scout cams were a joke although they did help me get on a big 9 point that I eventually killed in 2006. They compared very close to the WGI IR4 that I bought last year. The battery life was awful, the picture quality was bad and the trigger speed was incredibly slow.

    Up until last year, the Stealth Cam 540IR was the best cam I had used. It would get about 1500 pics on one set of C batteries. I still use these cams today. I bought a couple of the higher priced Stealth Cam Prowlers, they were great when they worked. They spent more time at Stealth Cam than they did in the woods. Good thing is the customer service was very easy to deal with.

    The Wildview cams were surprisingly good for what I paid for them. They worked great on mineral licks and bait stations although I only got about a years worth of service before they started acting up. The battery life wasn't great but it wasn't terrible either.

    The WGI IR4 cams were junk right off the bat! Even though they are only $99, IMO that's $99 too much.

    I bought 2 of the Bushnell Trophy Cams last year at the QDMA convention on a promise from one of the Bushnell reps there working their booth. He gave me his direct contact info and told me, "If these cams aren't the best you have ever used, send them back to me and I'll refund every penny." So, I did and they were! For under $200 each (without the LCD viewer), you can't beat them. I have yet to see any advertisement from other makers comparing themselves with these little cams. Matter of fact, every cam maker now has a version that is modeled after these Trophy cams, including Reconx. I did have a problem with one of the Bushnell cams. One of the latches broke, not an operational problem. I called Bushnell and they sent me out not one, but 4 replacements free of charge. Bushnell also puts a 2 year warranty on their cams, not one year like everyone else. I bought 5 more Trophy cams this year. 3 are last years models that I found on EBay for a great price and 2 are 2010 models. These have only been out for a few months now, but so far so good!
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    i have tried probably 8 different trail cams and i can tell you from my personal experience.....its hard to beat the overall performance of the moultrie 5.0 and 6.o infrared cams.......150 day battery life,quick trigger speed, and clear pics. I even had one of them to get flooded and you could actually see the water level as it was rising on the cams, when we went to get the cam,it was completely flooded and the cam had taken like 23 pics under water and you could even see the leaves floating in front of the cam before it finally quit, also had a leafriver in the same area and it didnt last long enough for the water to reach 2 inches over the bottom of the cam.
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    I have a Moultrie I45 that I am using now..I hope it holds up. The pictures aren't very good but it is still working...
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    guys im not talking about the cheaper moultrie cams, the ones i talk about above have like 72 led lights on the front of them, and also i bought 3 of the DLC Coverts and are pleased with them so far..
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    I have tried what seems like every type of camera on the market and my moultrie game spy I-60 is by far the best from what ive seen. It might be pricey but i think i save that on time, money, and hassle of having to change batteries all the time. It also takes the best day and night time pictures that i have seen from anybody's cameras.
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    on a bad note the cuddeback ir is the worst camera that i have ever spent a decent amount of money on. While it does have a fast trigger speed, the batteries dont last long at all and the pictures werent as good of even some cheap cameras.
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    I have a Wildgame innovations X6C that just quit on my but it took the best pics of any camera I have owned....
  9. ArkyVarminter

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    This is a comparison of the picture definition between my Moultrie and the Wild game Innovations. You can see how the Wild game Innovations takes a much better pic but the Moultrie is good enough...


  10. The Bushnell Trophy cams were great by all reports...untill the 2010 models. They've had all kinds of problems with them. I had two and they were both afflicted with a 'runaway' problem. They would just sit and take pictures every 1-3 minutes untill the SD card was full. My 2009 Trophy cam was good.

    Covert and Scoutgaurd have excellent reviews (I like chasingame.com). The new Primos 46 and 60 have good reviews and are even less expensive.

    I'm anxious to hear even more opinions on this question.
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    Doc I have 2 of the trophy cams and have yet to have a prolblem with either one of them. I have the bone collector series and the color series and like them both.
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    I am about to buy a couple dlc covert cameras I have heard nothing but good reviews on these cams.
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    I use bushnell wild game moultrie an cuddy back have couple in every group an wild game takes better pics but the cuddy is quicker an the bushnell has both good picture an some what speed not as good as cuddy.
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    Ive got 2 2009 Bushnell trophy Cameras that are my favorites. One has a burned out display but I can still use it and its still under warranty so I will return it. Im afraid they might send me a 2010 model which are mostly lemons according to the guys at chasinggame.

    I usually get about 2 years with the older Moultrie D40's and i have one left that works off and on.
  15. broncdoc

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    my cuddeback excite still takes great pics but had warranty work once in 2 years. have 3 bushnell trophys now and they have been the best. great pics,videos,trigger speed and batteries last 6 months!
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    So Cabelas has the Bushnell Trophy Cam for $170 & the Bushnell Bone Collector Trophy Cam for $200.

    Is the later worth $30 more?
  17. Hog_54

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    Cuddeback capture I have no problems with it and will buy another takes great pictures
  18. i have a D40 that is on its 4th year of use.

    2009 model Trophy Cam that is still chugging right alonge

    I really like the primos cameras. i have one and manage another guys cameras and he has 3. hopefully they will hold up well.