What are you gonna do different next year?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by AR Coon Hunter, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. AR Coon Hunter

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    I think the biggest thing I'm going to work on is food plots we skipped them this year due to tractor issues and poor timing, and I have regreted it all season long. Once the acorns are gone in White Rock the deer ain't got much to eat, plus the food plot help hold the deer around the farm and make for some good trail cam pictures.
  2. englishdawgs

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    I am going to try and hunt more than 6 times next year.:banghead::smack:

  3. Nuge Fan

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    Going to work harder at getting my kills on video

    Going to work harder at really dialing in on a spot with my bow. Real easy to aim small on a 3-D target, it's a little harder to be disciplined when there is a deer in that peep sight! I made good shots this year for the most part, but I never really drew, picked a spot, relaxed and released. Think I'm still rushing my shot out of excitement, have to learn to control my emotions better
  4. bowhunter3

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    well,, everything i hunt is public land.. so next year im getting away from all my old spots and starting over with all new areas.. dont get my wrong, in my old areas i have seen plenty of deer.. im just getting tired of seeing more does than bucks. when i see a buck its usually a 2 year old basket rack. this year every buck i have seen has been illegal..:banghead: soo its time to starte all over and scout more...
  5. Ozark hunter

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    i'm gonna take my daughter alot. she got the same daisy .22 for her 5th birthday that i got for my 5th birthday, i just painted it pink. for her 6th birthday in march i hope to get her a .223
  6. going to do some food plots for the first time.

    Oh and I am going to actually kill a deer.
  7. Hobbshunter

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    Dont know yet. Lately the biggest variable for me has been acorns. I have only done a little post season scouting. Until I find which areas seem to have the most abundant sign from last year's rut, I dont know where I'll hunt the most next year. Then of course, that changes as the season progresses next year too.

    I dont think I'll be very selective next year. First, I had a great year this year. I never like to push my luck. Second, I'm planning to burn my vacation time elk hunting next year. Third, my son was 2 months old this year when season started, so there wasnt much I could do for him. I bet Mom will expect more help from me next season.
  8. Stoo

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    I'm going to concentrate more on the early bow season. I made my first bow kill this year and really want to go out and get em before the woods get blasted next year.
  9. Tink

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    I am going to shot more dink bucks an stop chaseing big bucks. I am tired of passing deer after deer after deer after deer. An yes i am for real no joke just to see if it makes me feel better about deer hunting.
  10. I'm gonna quit passing on does in early season. :banghead: I'm getting out of my lease and get back to hunting deer instead of feeding deer. And, I'm gonna do nothing but bow hunt next season. :biggrin:
  11. lowellarcher

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    I plan on doing more post season scouting like I used to. Gotten lazy and also I pick family time over my deer hunting.

    I'm gonna start having 2 setups at the same spot for different wind directions. I got so sick of the wind not cooperating with me on some prime rut stands.

    I'm gonna have to stop letting borderline shooters walk early in the rut. Let to many walk early on this season and things went south after that.
  12. dash4cash

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    I am coming to Arkansas to shoot some of those public land monster bucks:up: By the looks of some of the pictures posted this year, Arkansas is producing some dandy public land bucks. :clap:

  13. Me too :frown::banghead:

    also I'm going to have my feeder up and running. This is the first year i have put one up and the coons had a party. They messed some things up that i wasnt able to get fixed before the season sarted so it sat empty all season. Hopefully with that fixed the deer will find it and use it all year.
  14. Killa

    Killa Well-Known Member

    I am going to put a little more into the food plot department. I didn't really plant in time this year and I paid for that dearly but there wasn't really enough rain either. I also plan on moving my deerstand about 150 yards up the hill.
  15. snydedawg

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    My FIL retires in a couple of months and he and I have agreed to get off our collective arses and actually work on our food plots, a good solid dove field and to hit the river and scout us out some bottomland bucks!

    I had a fun season and spent some great time with my Dad and the guys at the camp. I'm already scheduling vacation for next season. Hope to squeeze in more time with my Dad and FIL... that's the thing I want to do the most.
  16. reggie-2-guns

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    Reggie is going to replace all broadheads with Rages!

  17. Sylamore

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    I am going back to my old big buck stands more often. The ice storm two years ago really messed up those stands and I moved off them. Hoping the Forest Service burns this February will also help knock down some of the debris from the storm. :thumb:
  18. possum

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    Don't know how much I'm going to do different for sure. I do know I'm putting a smaller plot in another location and haven't decided if I want to replant the one I left unattended this past year.

    I've got some ideas that I may post later in another thread for additional input.
  19. jjarvis0007

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    Im gonna stop over looking spots in Winona that are close to the road. Killed my buck and doe no further then 300 yards from the road. I'll leave the 30 minute hike for all the other people that have seem to have found the ridge I use to have all alone for years. Not going to pass on doe with my bow in the early season either.
  20. A few things:

    1.) All of my stands are getting locked to the tree. Yes, even on my private property.

    2.) Food plots are getting planted AS LATE AS POSSIBLE so drought doesn't kill them off like it did this year.

    3.) Plant more turnips.

    4.) Capitalize on public WMA permit hunts.

    5.) Capitalize on hunts in general.