What am I going to do with this ?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Tink, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Tink

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    I got this TC ENCORE for Christmas/Birthday (yes today my bday). I haven't had a ML like this I still have the ole hammer pull back. So I haven't Never really care to much for them till my wife got me this. So what do I need for this thing as for loads an bla bla stuff? Anyone has one how is it?
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    Congrats on the cool gift tink! Ive never had one either but I bet someone will be able to help you out. :up:

  3. sam

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    My 50 cal. Encore likes 250 gr. T/C shockwaves with 100 grs. of Buckhorn 209 powder, if you use the Buckhorn powder, you need to use magnum shotgun primers. My SIL and bought Encores this summer, I got a .50 and he got a .45. We really like them. :up:
  4. Tink

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    :head: what's buckhorn powder where do you get it?
  5. kfarm

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    Bet he ment BLACKHORN, my encore does best with 110 of BH and a 250 Shock Wave or Hornady (same thing). Fort Thompson had it but it's pricy at $30 for a little bottle.
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  6. Mongoose

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    Mine loves 250 grain TC Shockwave bullets and hates Powerbelt bullets.

    90 grains of Triple 7 works for me.
  7. Tink

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    I seen an heard it can shoot out to 200 but 300 to 35o I seen guys kill with it. What do I need to get to make that happen.