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What a morning!

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First stand this morning and 6 yotes ran across over 300 yards of open country to my caller. When the first one stopped 4 feet from the Foxpro, I sent a 50 grain hornady from my 22-250 through it's vitals. Emptied my gun at one of the others as it ran off, only cutting air. Guess I need to work on my running shots. Never would I have believed that 6 would come in at once. This one fell off into the creek after I shot it.
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Fish food...
Good job, dont get much better than that.
I jus gotta say that is a beautiful rifle and its even better in person!
Thanks fellows. This was one of the top 5 hunting moments I have had in my life. Wish I had it on video. Minus the 4 misses.:shrug:
What kinda gun is that? Oh, by the way. You left your remote on. lol
Congrats! Looks like you had a better day than I did. 3 stands and not a thing!
What kinda gun is that? Oh, by the way. You left your remote on. lol
Browning x bolt 2010 shot show special. Carbon fiber stock and fluted barrel. Picked it up new on gunbroker cheaper than a regular x bolt.
You sure are right about that remote. Good thing the remote doesn't eat batteries like the call does.
We all need more practice with running shots..Congrats!!
the gun is unbelievably lite even with the scope i mean like a feather
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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