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Sunrise, Jan. 1-sunset, Dec. 31 (dogs are allowed to hunt coyote during the day; coyote may not be hunted at night).
Statewide: during turkey season (day hunting only; no dogs allowed).
  • Dogs are not allowed in deer zones where a firearms deer season is in progress that prohibits the use of dogs.
  • During youth turkey hunts, only youth may take coyotes.
  • Coyotes may be taken during daylight hours with archery equipment, or any rifle or shotgun ammunition.
Daily limit unlimited, possession unlimited.

That's from the AGFC page. Why can't you use a centerfire??
The part that sticks out to me is “coyote may not be hunted at night”.

I see post here and on Facebook all the time of people using thermal gear to shoot them at night. I‘m guessing that’s not legal?
61 - 66 of 66 Posts