We're turning into a communist state.

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by JR, Dec 17, 2012.

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  2. allyellow

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    I wantz to seez your papererz. Your going to have to prove you are walking your dog. How do you do that ?

  3. tmeredith

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    That sounds bad, but if you've seen how Paragould has changed over the last few years you might understand. There's alot of gangster types moving in, and Paragould and Greene county has never put up with that crap. I'm not afraid of being asked what I'm doing if I happen to be walking down the sidewalk up there. I wish Jonesboro would do something like this, maybe we wouldn't hearabout folks getting their doors kicked in and robbed every night.
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    unless you're voting ... then no ID required

    and if you're any skin color other than White, you can't be stopped because of racial profiling

    if you're muslim you won't be stopped either

    see how this is going ?
  5. muleheaded

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    Hmmm, this is called guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. Hmmmm...
  6. Can't let that whole "presumption of innocence" thing get in the way now can we?
    But it sounds more Fascist than Communist to me.
  7. storyhunter

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    How long do you think it will take for a Federal Judge fromthe Eastern District of Arkansas to put a stop to this nonsense? There is no, repeat, NO requirement that anyone carry identification papers in our "free" country. And, cops need a reason to stop and ask you for identification anyway.

    Its real obvious that the mayor or police chief didn't consult the city attorney before instituting this policy. Potential here for costing the taxpayers of Paragould a LOT of money.
  8. Hill Farm Hunter

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    I assure you Paragould PD has no interest in harassing good folks and I'm pretty certain you can get your mail or walk your dog without worrying about an ID.
    If your creeping around a high crime area in the middle of the night your gonna get some attention and officers will be asking who you are and why. Paragould had a rash of armed robberies of businesses and home invasion robberies. One of these resulted in a 90 year old man being murdered in his home. PPD takes that kind if thing seriously, as they should. EVERY one of the folks involved in these crimes has been arrested and the case cleared. Did PPD get an atta boy, nope. City halls phones blew up saying "y'all gotta do something about the crime." The Chief and Mayor addressed it, and folks who bothered to show up at the town hall type meetings supported the street crimes unit taking a more aggressive stance. Then along comes a newspaper article that mixed and matched quotes to sensationalize the whole deal and it went downhill from there. If you care to read the intent, it can be found here.
    If you want to get all fired up and make comments about nazis, papers, etc. then go on believing what ya want. Heck buy some more Paragould papers I guess it helps the local economy.
  9. buckhorn

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    Well I don't live in Paragould but I wish cops would spend a whole lot more time patroling neighborhoods down here and stopping and asking people what they are up to. With a little bit of organization I would be all for something like this if criminal activity had a sharp rise over a period of time.
  10. X2.......if it wasn't for our constitution this entire land would be just one fiefdom jammed against another with petty little bureaucrats and sheriffs, taxing and lording it over the people.

    The constitution was, in my destination, divinely inspired, and peoples across the world have used it as a model in attempts to establish their governments.
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    This is true! Folks complain about thieves and crime, but complain even more when the law tries to do something about it! I don't look at this like my rights are being abused I look at it as law enforcement doing what they're paid to do. I've had around a thousand dollars worth of stuff stolen since July and can't get the Randolph county sherriffs office to even go knock on the door of the methhead that I'm pretty sure stole most of that stuff. I'm glad to see some law enforcement agency somewhere say enough is enough and start cracking some thugs skulls. I don't believe for one second the PPD is about to start hasseling law abiding citizens, but if you're hanging around parking lots looking like a methhead about to steal a stereo or if you're hanging around on a street corner in your hoodie and saggy britches looking like a drug dealer you're prolly going to get your head cracked. That's ok with me. I'm tired of getting my crap stolen!
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    Then, when they remove the 2nd, and you happen to look like a person that might posses a firearm, you're prolly going to get your head cracked. Better get rid of that camo clothing.
  13. odocoi

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    sensationalize the whole deal? It was stated that if you were stopped and didn't provide a photo ID you'd be arrested. high crime or not, you are not required to carry a photo ID. What if everyone at that meeting wanted guns banned?
  14. tmeredith

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    Don't be so dramatic. Everybody I know that drives carries a photo ID. This will mostly take care of illegals. I'm in favor of that.
  15. tmeredith

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    You're jumping way ahead there odocoi. The 2nd amendment hasn't gone anywhere yet and isn't likely to for a while.But yeah, if that ever does happen I wouldn't want my head cracked. For now though this is purely about getting rid of some bad guys.
  16. Tony Harris

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    Last week a bank in LR was robbed at 3pm in the afternoon. A brazen, unremorseful and angry pair of robbers walked in with no mask on and demanded money. The teller compiled with all the robbers demands and the female robber looked him in the eyes, took out a can of pepper spray and gave the teller a dose.

    The whole mentality of I need it and you got it has become rampant in LR. I can't speak for anywhere else. But if we don't begin to take the streets back we are in for a world of trouble. LEO can stop me anytime they want, they have that right and if they have probable cause it is perfectly legal. I say good for one AR town that is doing something besides griping about things gone bad. Those of you griping remember that when its your stuff being stole, your family being robbed or one of your famliy getting pepper sprayed.

    The teller who got peppered sprayed at the bank robbery in LR last week was my son. I am glad and thankful to God it was pepper spray and not a gun shot.
  17. odocoi

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    I do carry my photo ID when driving but usually not otherwise. It's my understanding these are going to be pedestrian stops. I'm also in favor of removing a couple more illegals if possible. Well, except for the guy back there making the "arroz mi peublito" here at Mi Ranchito in searcy, he can stay a while longer.
  18. Hill Farm Hunter

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    No, it was not, at least not by the Chief. Paperboy came up with that, along with the martial law reference. It was stated that officers would be asking for ID's. Asking someone what their name is violates no ones rights, it's perfectly OK, other wise folks would just go around saying "hey you" all the time. It was also stated that folks COULD be arrested for obstructing. Those would be folks who either lie about who they are or who are doing something other than walking. For example folks who's actions give rise to a reasonable belief that they committed or were about to commit a crime.
    The second two meetings have been canceled to avoid any conflict, not sure what the end result of this will be. Folks wring their hands about crime, then complain when LE gets proactive. All the city did was attempt to talk to its citizens and come up with a plan. Sure seemed like a good idea at the time.
    Folks will believe and act the way they will. Just thought I'd try to shed some light on what happened. I'm done now, have a rice day and be sure and wear cotton.
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    Even those that you feel are undesireable have constituional rights. This is a clear violation of the 4th amendment probably the 1st 5th and in a streach the 8th amendments. No matter how shady you look you still have freedom of movement and assoseation. Remember the Nazi's had check points too!!!!!