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with a pig :thumb: Well I should say a piglit.......Setup twice this morning for a yote, but turned up nothing, so I hopped in the truck to head to another spot and passed by an open area, and it was full of hogs. I slammed on the brakes hoped out with the rifle, and there had to be about 20 piglits in the 40 pound range, two big sows in the 175 to 200 pound range. One of the sows saw me and took off into the brush and start throwing a fit. The piglits and other sow stayed and kept feeding. I started to pop the big sow, but figured it was more than i could handle with loading and cleaning by myself with just my small pocket knife. So picked out a piglet and popped it right through the middle at 115 yards......didn't mess up one piece of meat, should be just right for the grill:biggrin:

after i shot about 5 or 6 more came running accross. Looked to be around 80 pounders. If i would of known they were there I would of waited a few. But nothing better than getting a pig :thumb:
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