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    Well, the military has made contact with my oldest grandson, Bryce. He's a Junior at Westside High School in Craighead County. He took the ASVAB test the other day and scored in the top 1% in the nation. He scored in the high 90's in science & technology and high 80's in math. Everything else was in the advanced range. The Marine Corp recruiter called him today an spoke with him for several minutes. He takes Advanced Manufacturing and Machining at the VoTech in Jonesboro, and is tops in the class. He programs CNC machines, and writes code for automanufacuturing robots. His pre-test score when school started was the highest they'd ever seen.

    He and I spoke about his future while on our last hunting trip. I told him to not dismiss the military. It's an option. It's an option for a career. If not as a career, it's a tool to develop his skills and get him started in the direction he wants to go. It can take him places he might otherwise never see. And last, I told him to make sure he has no regrets. One of the very few regrets I have is that I never served in the military. I always planned to. I was planning on joining the Navy or Marines, but upon graduation from high school, the Agri Instructor asked me to stay on for a year, or so, and help teach small engine mechanics, which I did. Then I married, and my oldest daughter came a year, or so later. And, before I knew it, it was too late. I'd missed my chance. I probably would've been turned down anyway because of flat-feet. I've got feet like flippers. Always have.

    Anyway, I'm just trying to help him find his way thru these last couple of years of high school, and figure out just what he's going to do with himself for the rest of his life.
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    I bet you'd have made a great Navy frogman!

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    nice to here of a young man with square shoulders and a strait head. im sure with his fathers guideance the good lords will he will be fine no matter what he decides. merry christmas

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    As much as I believe that every man should serve his country and its time well spent, it sounds like he can do well in the private sector. CNC programming is a valuable skill. If he does go into the military he needs to get into the Nuc Tech program. Huge paying civilian jobs. I have lots of buddies that went that way in the Navy. They are doing well. Good secure future if he decides to go take that direction. Best of luck to him whatever he decides.
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    If he really scored that good and is interested in the military, he should go see the NAVY recruiter. NAVY has way more options than any other service.
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    There are some mighty fine young folks coming up. Sounds like your son is one of them.
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    Good for Bryce!
    I took the test in school also- but I took it to get out of class for half a day. I didn't really have any interest in the military. I ended up scoring nearly perfect on the test. Started getting 3,4,5 calls a day and continued to get 2-3 calls a week for the next couple of years.

    Sounds like his skill set would serve him well in the military and on into the private sector. Good luck to him regardless of his path.
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    I pray he'll follow God's direction.
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    Same thing happened to me. I don't remember my exact overall score but I scored really high on the science, technology and mechanics portion of the test. The recruiters starting coming out of the woodwork to encourage me to join the military. I didn't go into the military but taking the test did show me where my strengths were and helped me decide that a future in engineering was where I would be of most value. To the OP, has your son taken the ACT test? If so, did he score well? If I were he, I would take the ACT and see what it could provide in the way of scholarships etc. before he makes his decision on joining the military or not. In other words, weigh all of your options before you make a choice. Either way, he should follow his interests and he'll excel in whichever direction he chooses.
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    The real ticket in the military is one of the service academies. With his high score and if he has excellent grades and college placement scores he should contact some of our U.S. congressmen or senators and ask them to appoint him. He would receive a superb higher education and be an officer after graduation and on the fast track in the military. He would certainly be able to see the world if that is what he wants and be paid well. Steve/"Dermott"
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    Unfortunately, being a junior, he may have missed the bus on the service academies. With CNC skills, though, Navy or Air Force all the way. If he is interested in engineering, bayman, let me know. I can put him in touch with the right people at the UofA that would LOVE to pay him to go to school.