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Discussion in 'Arkansas Deer Management Plan' started by .270Win, May 16, 2007.

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    Several members of this site were asked to participate in the new statewide AG&FC "Deer Management Advisory Teams". We hope you will use these 3 new forums to post your ideas about deer management in your area of the state. We look forward to your input, and will also use these forums to keep everyone updated on future public meetings, team progress, etc.

    Please remember this is a place to post your ideas or concerns, and not necessarily a place to argue opposing ideas.....that's what the main board is for. :wink:


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    This is something that should concern every deer hunter in the state and since several of our members are in the advisory group we hope to be able to keep everyone up to date on what is going on with the process.

    We would also like to hear as much input as we can from all of you.

    Just post anything that youd like to see or change concerning deer management in one of the 3 regions that it concerns.

    Thanks and we look forward to your input and hearing what youd like to see done in terms of managing Arkansas' deer herd.

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    in the delta region, I think Cache River and White River Refuge need to take some lessons from the guys that manage wattensaw. Both of these refuges are planting trees in everything they buy, which is good for deer now, but as far as I've seen all they do is let it grow up into mature timber which is not very beneficial to wildlife, well maybe the woodpecker and thats it!!! Clearcuts, logging, burning off woods all needs to be done to help the wildlife population.

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