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  1. LX_Trkyhntr

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    I purchased a Weimaraner for my wife for Christmas:thumb: . This is my first bird dog, and my first time training a bird dog. Any suggestions or tips?
  2. ad870

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    Richard Wolters: Gun Dog

    You should be able to find it on any of the book selling sites.

  3. LX_Trkyhntr

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    I got the Gun Dog DVD, it is pretty good so far.

    The problem I am having with this dog is she likes pounce on the wing. She will point a lot of the time, but if she gets over excited she just pounces on it!
  4. Hobbshunter

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    Dont let her get the wing. If she never catches birds, she'll be more likely to figure out that she only gets them after you shoot them. It's tough though.
    Me and my dad did 2 things with our old wirehair that wouldnt hold points...
    We'd work her on a "whoa harness" either staked or held by someone else where you could tell her "whoa" and give her a good jerk if she still crept.
    Also, a training table was very helpful for this kind of stuff. We made one. It was a long, shaky (shaky is important) table with folding ramps on each side. Walk your young excited pup up there, and you'll suddenly have their attn. It's a good way to work on your obedience training and "whoa".
    How old is your pup? You probably dont need to worry about getting too serious if she's still little.
  5. LX_Trkyhntr

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    she is 4 months old.
  6. Hobbshunter

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    Oh yeah, you got plenty of time to let her play. Seems like the pups we've had would point early, but if you got them riled up playing, all bets were off.
    Best wishes. My dad's big into bird dogs. I spent a lot of time when I was a kid helping him train our dog. It's fun and rewarding. Every now and then I'm tempted to get a dog, but it's just too far to any birds from here for me. Plus I deer hunt too much in the fall.
    Have you got somewhere around here where you can go buy some birds and put them out?
  7. ragsdaj

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    buy some live birds........

    wing is great, but once the pup points the wing it is time to use live birds.
  8. LX_Trkyhntr

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    Thanks for the tip! I have been thinking about buying a few birds and doing just that. I might try to get some this weekend. I talked to a friend of mine that runs a bird preserve, he told me to bring her over around the end of February and hunt her with one of his dogs. He said she will learn a lot from the older dogs.
  9. claydouglas76

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    Hello LX-

    I am moving to Benton next week and grew up bird hunting. Right now I live on the SD IA border so always plenty of birds! I found out that there isnt much bird hunting down there unless it is on a preserve. Could you give me the name or website of your friend? I am looking to get out once I get down there.

    I have an 11 yr. old Weim that is an excellent hunter still to this day (although she tires out much faster!:wink: ) I love her to death but I have to admit that a Weim can be stubborn at times and you need to be very patient with them and not very hard handed as I have seen alot become quite reclusive if punished with a hard hand.

    I am also training my 1 1/2 yr old English Setter which has been going very well. One recommendation about the wing is do not over due the wing. If you overuse them the dog begins to "sight point" rather than point on smell.

    Another very good source for training and trials is the NAVHDA organization. I am not sure if they have a chapter in your area but if they do the magazine as well as local dog training seminars they put on are very helpful.

    PM me if you want to go chase some birds sometimes. A new state and a differant style of hunting may come as a little shock!:biggrin:

    Have fun with your Weim! They are an excellent breed!
  10. LX_Trkyhntr

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    Clay I will get his number for you. I will send you a PM with my contact info, maybe we can get out and hunt a little!