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    I have a Weatherby Sub Moa in 300wsm. I noticed the other day the stock is cracked. Where can I find another? Its the grey w/spider webbing. I have checked Weatherby's website and could not locate the exact one.
    Also the crack is right behind the action right below the bolt release. Could this crack have been a result of shooting out of the lead sled? Just a thought.
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    I'd contact Weatherby about it. The may replace it free of charge.

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    I got a Bell and Carlson for my 300 wby, and included the mercury recoil reducer in the stock. It was around $350.
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    I picked one up off a hunting board. Try predatormasters, longrangehunting, 24hrcampfire, and snipershide. I'll bet you'll find one..:up: