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  1. SABowhunter10

    SABowhunter10 Well-Known Member

    Boy this weather through next weekend looks great... Not... Doubt first weekend back open I'd to great... Still need a lot of water
  2. People that have water are probably going to hammer them the first couple days...... AGFC's duck report is correct that the ducks are here in a big way.

  3. arkrem870

    arkrem870 Well-Known Member

    I really expected a good rain event outa this warm up.....they are calling for 1/2 inch.
  4. SuthrnThundr

    SuthrnThundr Well-Known Member

    if you're waiting on the weekend, you may be too late.
  5. Razorback123

    Razorback123 Super Member<br>The Original BBDH

    Yep ill continue to whack em! :cool:

    I do Wish there was water tho!
  6. skip1411

    skip1411 Well-Known Member

    I don't see where the predicted number of ducks comes from. There are ducks not near the predictions but the few I have seen are held up on private property doesn't look good on alot of public land. There is some areas with birds but you gotta love those land locked sections of wma's.

    Need water and cold fronts.
  7. They get in a plane, fly around.... and look at all the ducks sitting on pumped up fields in Arkansas Co that nobody here can apparently see because they all live in town.
  8. skip1411

    skip1411 Well-Known Member

    I'm no fool quack, I know the process. Doesn't change the fact that I don't believe there is that many predicted. I put in alot of miles and time scouting like I do every year and so far I haven't seen enough to be pleased
  9. Don't go to the AGFC moist soil units....... just go look on mulberry, long bell, and the dump road. They are there... or were last week anyway.
  10. Grinnel Slough

    Grinnel Slough Well-Known Member

    I have seen a ton this year personally, but yall are right about pumped up areas. Alot I have seen are just swarmed with em, but thats where they are staying.
  11. snydedawg

    snydedawg Well-Known Member

    Think I'll sit in a deer stand this week...... close it out with my Dad for a few days....

    Come back home... start a serious rain dance regimen.. (anyone know any rain-strippers?)... then gear up for a kick A-- January!!!
  12. factory909

    factory909 Well-Known Member

    This warm wx has got me wanting to get out and set some limb lines and do some cat fishing, to hell with the ducks.
  13. We have fields on Longbell road and yea we hammered them HARD the first split, I just cant imagine them still being there come Thursday, but we'll see! :up:
  14. All my info is second hand but the word was thousands of ducks.... and more piling in last week.
  15. cuppinducks

    cuppinducks Well-Known Member

    at this rate we will crush 1000 birds this year.
  16. SuthrnThundr

    SuthrnThundr Well-Known Member

    middle of next week is looking up. no rain but it beats the upper 70s we'll have this weekend.
  17. SwampCat

    SwampCat Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    Very few ducks where I have looked in SW AR. Still quite a few black bellied whistling ducks around. They should have been gone at least a month before season. At least the crappie are biting.
  18. BowHunter21

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    Gotta brake in Humnoke I'm huntin Thursday n Friday.. Anybody gotta report on the duck numbers over there?
  19. SABowhunter10

    SABowhunter10 Well-Known Member

    Heck with these temps we may pounding on the teal headed back north from Mexico already :banghead:
  20. Ducks? Not sure.

    Cottonmouths? You bet.