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    you live out in the country or an area where you see deer in the yard from inside your home or hunting cabin. You are sitting at the breakfast table in your boxers while eating a bowl of cornflakes and here comes a deer you decide to take. You keep your rifle next to the back door this time of year. You slowly slide open the door to take aim from inside the house and kill the deer. You dropped it in it's tracks right beside the kids tire swing by the old wash tube flower garden. You didn't put an orange vest or hat on first (you're still in just boxers)? If you didn't, did you just commit a hunting violation? Do you put orange on to go out and tag it? Are you in violation of not having a pen on your person or your license? I can see it now...game warden pulls in the drive and you are standing over a dead deer holding a gun in just your boxers with no license!

    What violations could you be sited for?
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    Hunting without having your permit with you, hunting without having a watch, hunting without a pen, hunting without wearing orange.

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    Is it really hunting, cause it sounds like shooting to me.
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    sounds like a good morn to me ..
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    Probably would be wearing my hunter orange drawers and of course they have built in pocket for permit and pen and I always have a watch on...you know for just such an occasion.
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    It doesnt matter where you are hunting, you have to have all your stuff. As for as the AGFC is concernd, you were just hunting in a real nice deer stand. (they cant help you had a bed,table, big screen TV, ice box and fireplace.) Just like some of those high dollar duck blinds. They have bathrooms kitchen and all that stuff. If a warden comes and checks them, they will go into the kitchen part of the duck blind and issue a ticket for something. As for as wearing your orange hat and vest, Someone could have shot you when you opened your door thinking you were a big buck standing there in your underwear. Good luck. :fit:
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    If you shoot the buck and drop him in his tracks - and then walk out to look at him when the game warden drives up, are you hunting? The deer is dead - do you still need your orange on then. What if you hang them from the swingset when skinning - do your wear your orange then? warden, I left my orange, my license and my pen in my blind after I shot the deer - I am not hunting now - I wanted to see if it was a Doe or button before filling out my tag in the blind. I have not moved the deer yet, sir. besides that, it is my pet deer - I did not know I needed a license to kill my own pet deer. In addition, it charged me when I was walking to put my gun in the truck - I had to shoot my pet deer in self defense!
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    Funny scenario. A few years back, I killed a doe the second morning of gun season. I shot the deer out of my front door wearing nothing but pajama pants and socks. The deer was drt about 4 ft from my kid's swing set. Kids never woke up. I love living in the country!
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    I was just coming out to feed my pet and someone has shot him!
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    This rumor gets legs just like a game warden can do warrantless surches. The law says I have to tag the deer before it is moved. nothing says i can't get on a plan to fly to New York to get a pen before I move it. I can tell time by the sun. Why must I have a watch? You hunted without orange. That could get you a ticket.
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    none as far as i'm concerned.
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    I would bet that few would even tag this one
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    Let me add to this...

    What if this buck u shoot from your back door in your boxers (no orange/pen/license) was a Boone and Crockett typical and you entered it in the Big Buck Classic knowing you could win the grand prize.

    Would you be eligible to win if you were to enter him?
    How about get him in the record books?
    Would you consider what you did a completely legal hunt?
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    Would also be another violation if your minor kids were home

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    Your actions became hunting actions the moment you picked up and loaded your rifle with the intent to harvest the animal. At that momemt you are subject to the regulations. No orange is about all you coiuld be cited for. IMHO
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    What if you were target practicing out your window and a deer ran in front of your target and you killed it. You did not meant to kill it. What would that fall under?
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    you were hunting, and not wearing your orange. If I am in a blind, and not wearing my orange can I get a ticket?