We Worked Them Squirrel Over......

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by wildgameassassin, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. wildgameassassin

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    In the past 2 days BBD, my FIL, myself and a couple others had us 5 good hunts over the last 2.5 days. We walked many a step in the Ouachita river bottoms behind three fine dogs, BBD's Buck, my FIL's Tater and My Jazzy. We killed 82 and let around 10 get away. Here's a few pics

    Jazzy and the Tails

    Buck and JG on the Wood



    JG and TH shakin vines



  2. gregrn43

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    Fine eating you got there, nothing like squirrel, gravy and biscuits. yummy

  3. angus

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    Is that dog a Kemmer? Sure looks like one! looks like you sure had a great hunt!
  4. T.Hooks

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    it was a great hunt they got some of the best woods i have ever been in for south arkansas
  5. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
  6. wildgameassassin

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    She is Kemmer, good looking Huzzy too IMHO.
  7. dirtdart

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    Looks like it was some fun. Nice look'n mess of skurls.
  8. sdunn

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    You guys sure had fun!!!:clap:
  9. No-till Boss

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    Man, that brindle coat coloring pattern on that one dog is awesome looking !
  10. 7 point

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    Looks like a blast
  11. ralin

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  12. thats something

    man that's what I'm talking about rite der'
  13. man that has got me to thinking which isent good at times:whistle: but this thread gives me the itch to get another cur just for days like the ones you just had
  14. Hog_54

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  15. RWilliams

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    Great Hunt, I don't know if gets any better than that! :up: :clap:

  16. Tink

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    That's it I am sold getting a squirrel dog. Man congrats what a hunt what a hunt.
  17. Rico

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    Looks like you guys made a memory. Thanks for reminding me of some of mine. :clap: