We all Gotta get us one of these.. WOW !!

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    Dang! the net nanny here at work won't lemme look :frown: Somebodytell me what it is!!!

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    It is the worlds deadliest shotgun.... fully automatic ... comes with a 20 shot or a 32 shot drum, can empty a drum in like 4 seconds, and shoots mini gernades... amongst other things. Oh .... and zero recoil.

    Oh man that thing is B A D !!!

    Look at it when you get home.

    From the website video.

    The AA-12, The World's Deadliest Shotgun
    The AA-12 is the first shotgun built from the ground up specifically for the military. "There's no way that anybody within 200 yards can face this weapon and survive it. It's just destroying everything in it's path."-- Jerry Baber, Project Mgr.
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    I think that crazy dude on the TV show "Future Weapons" got to play with these things. He was able to time the explosive rounds to detonate directly above a target, so much for hiding behind cover (!). Then in full-auto, it sprayed so much metal around it looked like a storm. I don't wanna be looking down the barrel (barrels?) of one of those...:eek:
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    Wonder if they make a plug for it for those of us that want to take it duck hunting? :head: :razz:
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    I really like that show, but I can't stand the host! The way he talks is like nails on a chalkboard to me. QUIT WHISPERING and breathing so hard. Just talk!!

    AWESOME gun, BTW.
  8. I couldnt afford to buy one much less buy the ammo to feed the thing:frown:
  9. i have the same problem....that's why i settled for an AK:thumb:
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    WOW......... What a gun!!!
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    That 32 round drum sure would come in handy while squirrel hunting with the dogs. :biggrin:
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    I gotta have one of those.I bet it only costs $10.000.
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    Just think of what some of the idiots that work for Blackwater would do in Iraq. Man they would really lose their contract then.
  14. Nope, they're makin a 2 shot drum! :eek: :lie: :fit: