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    had a pretty nice shoot in the bottoms the other day. place where we mostly kill woodies. pop shot this duck, and when i picked it up, he commented "that hen sure is dark." i didnt really pay alot of attention to it. sent this pic to a few of ya'll, with the caption 2 greenheads and 1 hen. daddyrabbit promptly replied "thats not a hen jr., thats a black duck." i had to pull over and he schooled me on duck id over the phone. if he hadnt of caught it, ida cleaned that dude like nobodies business. pop decided to get it mounted.


    had this little shoot about 700 yds out the back door. killed the 2 drakes with one shot. shoulda done better, but a pine tree was in the way and i missed my opportunity to shoot at em close. and i lost 1 wood duck to boot.


    heres me and Ryno showin some love to my buddies at Outdoors Our Way. Does this make us topwaters??:biggrin:

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    Man that Black Duck is sweet. Giving props OOW, trying to get Reaves to come film one of my duck hunts!

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    looks good! i want to kill a black duck.....never have personally.....seen a bunch, I just havent shot one.....i need to hollar at ol brent when im up that way next few weeks.....