water spray at transom

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  1. factory909

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    im getting alot of water spray at the transom. i just got the boat about a month back, i cant remember it spraying when i got it, the only thing i have done was move the battery to the livewell instead of the back where it was. today i played with the notches on the motor, didnt seem to make too big of a difference. should i move the battery back?
  2. QCDually5.9

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    Post a pic, taken of the back of the boat. Low enough to see anything that mounts to the transom and also the height of the motor as it sits in the 'running' position. Can drawl a better conclusion to what might be happening from that.

  3. QCDually5.9

    QCDually5.9 Well-Known Member

    The water spray is coming from where the water turns upward as it emerges from the bottom of the boat and strikes the flat area where the lower unit mates to the mid-section. From what I see, I would suggest raising the motor atleast an inch. It will help with performance and you'll see less of the spray. Are you still looking at getting a pt-35?
  4. factory909

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    yes, it will be after duck season, so somewhere in the early part of february...i am assuming the pt35 will fix this.
  5. John Stiles

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    Try changing the transducer angle.
  6. keeb

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    For a temporary fix you could just bet some 1/4 inch scrap metal that will be placed between the top of your transom and your boat motor and keep putting a piece on top of each other until it quits spraying water.
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  7. factory909

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    John Stiles, yea it was spraying water also, it seems to be a big problem on that model of Humminbird, my quick fix was to wrap it in duct tape...its not spraying anymore...keeb, i might try that my next time out,
  8. QCDually5.9

    QCDually5.9 Well-Known Member

    You can start with a one inch spacer, atop the transom. I wouldn't suggest going much higher without bolting the engine to the transom. Once you get the clamps 'so high' on the transom, you risk the motor coming off if you hit a stump at WOT. As far as the transducer goes, I would raise it to just above the bottom of the boat. There's no need for it to be that low unless you are really needing it to 'read out' while you are at top speed. By doing this, you'll reduce some of the drag and also reduce the chances of hitting a stump with it and tearing it off.