Water at Bayou Meto

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by CrappieMaster220, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. CrappieMaster220

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    I was in Upper Vallier yesterday and I noticed that the gates are open, and the water is dropping out pretty quickly... I had someone tell me that the AGFC wants bayou meto to be dry because they are concerned that all the water this past few years is rotting the roots and creating too many blowdowns... If you look around down there, there are a bunch of trees down...

    Any truth to this? Anyone else heard this?

    There is only a very small section of Upper Vallier that actually has water, and if your hunting it, you can see other guys hunting through the trees... Everyone is on top of each other....
  2. Citybuck

    Citybuck Well-Known Member

    Not sure at Upper, but the gates at lower boat ditch were shut and had plenty of room for some rain.

  3. CutDown

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    My guess, and it's just that a guess, is that IF the gates are open @ upper it is b/c the water is falling out so fast they are letting the water in upper into lower to at least have "a little" bit of flooded ground for birds....
  4. sunny b

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    thats spot on....we need RAIN or it'll be over before it got started!!! and Im off all next month....may have to cancel that if stays this way....:smack:
  5. 9oclockflytime

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  6. JohnM

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    I need a boat to get in bayou meto?
  7. Black OpsThe legend

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    The gates at Upper are open until Lower gets 100% flooded, once lower is 100% they'll close em to get upper ready, but is a constant open and close til it's right.....Probably not gonna happen this year, and like SunnyB said, if we don't get a rain we're all but done, pretty much there now!!!
  8. Black OpsThe legend

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    It's so bad right now the Game and Fish report shows upper with more water than Lower:smack:
  9. alphamax32

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    Think ima start fishing,I dun wo myself out duck hunting this year.
  10. sunny b

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    alot of walking aint it!!!!:cool:
  11. Black OpsThe legend

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    yep, and it sucks!!!!
  12. shiftymcfive01

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    finally be able to bow hunt where I want again
  13. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    Not for the upper you don't, just stay out of the channel during the boat race:biggrin:
  14. duinbb

    duinbb Well-Known Member

    The woods flood from the lower up . Our main source of water is the salt ditches not little bayou :up:
  15. YellanMan

    YellanMan Well-Known Member

    You can walk across brushy, barely over wast deep and that was a week ago.
  16. skip1411

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    I finally have built up the nerve to go to bayou meto. Bought a canoe from a friend yesterday. I had a map of bayou meto I got it wet and it has smeared. Where is the walk in area or could you point me in the right direction. With this rain i'm sure there is a little water.
  17. skip1411

    skip1411 Well-Known Member

    Nevermind found another map.
  18. Ducks and Dogs

    Ducks and Dogs Well-Known Member

    no joke 6 of the 10 inches of water in lower has fallen out since christmas! :head: :banghead:
  19. arkansasbowhunter

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    Anyone know why water has gone from lower. Water fell out quick since xmas. Can't say it evaporated that quick.