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    I've had opportunities to kill doe this year, but passed, although I haven't seen as many as I usually do....saw several small bucks, some legal, some not, I have been picky! Well the last couple days, I have been in the 'mind set', of if it's brown, it's down!!

    I had not seen a deer on stand in 5 days,,saw 9 going to the woods this afternoon, had a feeling they were gonna be moving, 38* and misting rain..about 1610 I saw a bobcat, but he was too quick:biggrin:.......about 1640, I saw a doe slipping through a pine thicket, that borders some hardwoods, well I couldn't get on her when she crossed the first opening, so I was waiting when she walked through the next, only thing is, she didn't come through it....found her back to the right in some real thick stuff and there were two doe, one facing me, and the other on the right, that all I could see was it's head, it got settled in, had to crank the scope up a notch or two to see them good, was waiting for the one facing me to raise it's head, when a third doe walked into the opening from left to right, and the old 308 Snipe barked........the old Nanny did a double back flip and went straight down about 3 foot!!!

    Was one of the toughest shots this old man has made in a long time, 75 yards off hand, NO rest, through a hole about the size of a ball cap.....man it was thick in there!! When I walked out to her, I could barely see the stand!! Last time the 308 was shot at game was in 2006 (not that I haven't killed anything since then..just not with this rifle):biggrin: She is 8 for 8 right now, and the first time I've taken it to the woods this year, or shot it since last year on the range!!!

    And to think at the beginning of the season, my shoulder was gonna keep me from hunting.....didn't feel it!! Although the shoulder is hurting a little from dragging her out to an old logging road!!:whistle:

    Gonna post a pic in a few!

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    Nice looking doe congratulations.

  3. MtIda

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    Nice job Billy. 'Know what you mean about the "Off-hand" shot, since I stopped shooting across the course, my off-hand has turned into "Auful hand":confused:
  4. Congratulations! Great story! Thanks for sharing! :up:
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    Nice big ole Nanny Bill!!:thumb:
  6. Wheres the handgun??:biggrin:
    Yesterday evening was a bust for me except for the Turkeys.......14 just walked right by me....all hens. I think they were teasing me ....saying "Ha look now cause in April you won't" :banghead:
    I can't seem to muster up the guts to go out in this rain again.I got soaked yesterday and really don't want to again.
    My son is still in the bed at almost 9am......it's a nice rainy morning to stay in the dry and warm......not for long :fit:

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    Congrats on a fine doe :thumb:
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    NE Ark
    Congrats HG!! Looks like some fine eatin' in the near future. :thumb:

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    What you talking bout Willis??:biggrin: One of them loins disappeared last night!!!:thumb:
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    congrats nice doe :up:
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    ..It's what's for supper! :biggrin: Nice to see those long barrels don't mess you up too much. :fit:

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    Thanks Flintknapper!:biggrin: For some 20+ years, it was handguns/cannons.....2004, carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists, used the long guns...since, then I flip flop back and forth!!

    Think this was a story, got a NEW one for tomorrow!!!:whistle: That falls in the ....You Ain't Gonna Believe This Crap!!!!:fit::fit: