War eagle duck bill

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by easton, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. easton

    easton Well-Known Member

    Thinking about having one added to my boat. Need yo know if anybody has one and if they like it or not. How good do the rainbow light shine when easing thru the timber.
  2. amg88

    amg88 Well-Known Member

    I like the grab handle and added strength but the lights are a joke and puts the tm way at the front if u fish

  3. Averyhntr

    Averyhntr Well-Known Member

    Dont have the war eagle duck bill but I had a local welder build me a "duck bill" on the front of my sea ark boat and I love it.
  4. dudeman

    dudeman Well-Known Member

    lets see some pics? i thought of getting it put on mine .
  5. bullrider

    bullrider Well-Known Member

    I run a 1648 war eagle and have the rainbow lights and love them used them most the time!! works better in fog than a spot light to... which came in handy last Saturday
  6. madduck87

    madduck87 Well-Known Member

    anybody got any pics?
  7. wellington_123

    wellington_123 Well-Known Member

    iv got some pictures will upload them after school.
  8. duckboy32

    duckboy32 Well-Known Member

    I personally do not ahve a duck bill, but my buddy has a 1548wareagle with one and i hate it. Its hard to get it on and off the trailer. puts the trolling motor on there funny,a nd the lights are not real bright. I do like it for dragging the boats,a nd its nice to step on, it doesnt get icy so you wont bust your butt!
  9. wellington_123

    wellington_123 Well-Known Member

    Can't figure out how to upload the pictures but I send then thru email if any one wants them
  10. Jeremiahbrown

    Jeremiahbrown Well-Known Member

    I built one on the front of my square nose flat bottom to make it pointed for going thru timber and I still have the wide flat for stability to bowfish in the summer.
  11. Jeremiahbrown

    Jeremiahbrown Well-Known Member


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  12. nick_0652

    nick_0652 Well-Known Member

    guy at long pond makes bills, they look dang good to and i think there about half the price of the war eagle ones
  13. amg88

    amg88 Well-Known Member

    The one on my we1648 hangs on the trailer if it's not at the perfect angle if I was to buy another one I wouldnt spend the extra money
  14. silentassassin

    silentassassin Well-Known Member

    What's the purpose of the "duck bills"?
  15. Nat42

    Nat42 Well-Known Member

    Personally I would have someone build you one. Back when I had my War Eagle I tried for a whole summer to get one put on and after 3 months of trying a old man at war eagle told me to sell my boat and buy one with one on it. I gave up after that
  16. Averyhntr

    Averyhntr Well-Known Member

    Both these pics show mine done before I got the grinder after em and paited them. I really like the addition though


  17. clarkduck

    clarkduck Well-Known Member

    Avery, how's that holdin up? Hit any trees with it yet?
  18. Averyhntr

    Averyhntr Well-Known Member

    Its holding up great. And yea weve smashed a tree or two with it and its doing fine. Better the bill than the front of my boat
  19. silentassassin

    silentassassin Well-Known Member

    I run my boat turkey hunting, fishing, frogging (catching off of the front deck), deer hunting, squirrel hunting and duck hunting and I can't think of a single thing that wouldn't get in the way of. I've been running a boat in timber for about 25 years and never had a need for a brace I want my spot light to shine wherever I want it to and at the exact second that I want it to. I'm honestly surprised you guys find those things useful. Are you guys that are using these just running your boats for duck hunting?