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Wanting to trade for a Hoyt bow

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I am wanting to trade for a newer Hoyt bow 29/60 I'm in Springdale ar just let me know what you have
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Anyone want to trade a good bow for a handgun
What kinda toy you have to offer I have a Hoyt that hasn't been touched in over a year have a wrist injury that prevents me from locking it out.

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Looking for something with a 35 ATA
I have a 2011 hoyt carbon matrix plus. 60 lb limbs and i can get 29 inch mods. Currently set at 28.5 inch. What are you looking to trade?
I have a full size 1911 rock island 45 acp tactical box and papers and a elephant hide holster
I was kinda looking for a good ar-15. I gave $1500 for the bare bow 6 months ago. So im looking for something in the $1100-$1200 range. I just put new 60x string and cables on it.
That is fine I am wanting a am35,maxxis35 or something along that line
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