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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by dvido, Dec 15, 2010.

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    Hey folks,

    I'm a long time lurker first time poster, and I am really wanting to take up bow hunting. I guess the first thing I need to do is buy a bow and practice. I am 30 years old and have wanted to do this for about 10 years, and just never go a round to it I guess. Well, I was talking about it today and my daughter handed me one of those old wooden nickels that say "roundtuit" on it and I laughed.

    I don't want this thread to turn into an equipment argument, cause I know how folks can be really perticular, (ie: rage debate) but I would really like to know what would be the best bow to purchase for some one who has shot a bow maybe 5 times. I have been looking online and it's basically all greek to me.

    I know the saying you get what you pay for...so I don't want the cheapest bow on the market, but I also don't want to spend an arm and a leg for something I may not end up getting into.

    Also, I have never deer hunted before, so if you all could dumb it down for me, I would really appreciate the help.

    Thanks guys, and I love the forum.
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    get with somebody that knows archery well . .have them show you the correct, form and safety, and get the feel of how it all works, then go to some archery shops and find a bow that feels good . dont get a real expensive bow in case you change your mind, and practice . .practice practice . .deer hunting Id do the same, get with somebody whos been a lot . and go with them Im sure there are plenty folks here that would take you and show you the ropes . GOOD HUNTING!!!

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    Welcome aboard!! :thumb: You will not regret getting into archery.
    Honestly, just about everyone makes a good bow now days.
    Make sure you get one that fits you (draw length). I'd go to an archery shop and have them measure your draw length and then shoot every bow you can get your hands on.
    Folks will list every brand in the book on here and they are all good. It's all personal preference. I shoot a Mathews and my wife has a Mission. Both are great bows. The Mission line is less expensive. Fred Bear or PSE might be a good choice for you as well. It's hard to go wrong. Try to shoot as many as possible and get the one that feels best to you.

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    Theres a fella in the trading post that's got a Hoyt Vectrix for sell I love mine very east to shoot and not hard on the pocket book. But whatever you do shoot the bow before you buy it cuz you're not gonna like the same things a me or anyone else on this site. And as stated before PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!!
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    Thanks for the info

    I'm in the Air Force and have been here only a year and a half none of my friends are hunters, we all fish and I do that really seriously, but I have not met any bow hunters, so I figured this would be the place to start asking questions.
  6. dvido

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    Also, as much as the air base wants to thin their deer herd, I know I have a place to hunt.
  7. thats pretty much all the advice that can be given. They have already said it all.
  8. dvido

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    Thanks guys,

    Sounds like my next stop is an archery shop.

    I like to shop local instead of big box stores, and don't mind paying a few extra bucks for the hospitality.

    Any suggestions in the Cabot/NLR area
  9. Honestly I know nothing about that area. But I know the AF Base is around an one and a half drive from my house. IF you are willing to drive down this direction I can take you to a GREAT bow shop. I live on HWY 10 so if you hop on it and drive we can meet up somewhere and I can take you. The will measure you and let you shoot everybow in the shop. Plus they have some used ones that at very nice prices. If you are interested and willing to take that drive PM me. I can give you directions and meet with you. Just trying to give you more options :biggrin:
  10. gutpile

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    get that gear and get out there...youve never had the shakes like you will with your first bowkill:thumb:
  11. dvido

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    Thanks carbon

    I will definitely take up your offer after Christmas. I will PM you around the first of the year. I have been reading up on bow hunting and want to practice at least a summer so I can feel confident next deer season. You guys are the best!!!

    Also, a used bow would probably be my route, and then upgrade after I get some experience.
  12. rodneyroberts32

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    Go to 12 ring archery in conway. its off of rooster road. Karen has some good deals on some 2010 bows right now. They are great to deal with. Tell them Rodney sent you. If you need anything let me know I work at Camp Robinson.
  13. gotyacovered

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    good decision... you just lengthened your deer season around 70-80 days...

    there is a good bow shop i have been too in the LR area, but i cant for the life of me remeber the name, someone on here will...

    personally i would buy an older top of the line bow, that is rigged out. i bought my first bow bare and getting it tuned, sighting it in and learning all at the same time was frustrating. just try to find out your draw length and go from there. when you start shooting get you a confortable reliabe anchor point and go from there!

    here is a very resourceful website, i have learned a lot from... my username is shakedown

    dont buy into anything b/c someone said it. do you best to find out for yourself. i think matthews and hoyt probably have the best bow to start out on, they are very effecient and they have silky smooth draws, and they are easy to find someone to work on. i personally shoot a bowtech and love it.

    archery is more of an art than anything, thats why you see such debates, everyone likes something dif. and within archery you have people that hate technology b/c archery is supposed to be "traditional" when much of the equipment today isnt i.e afore mentioned rage debate. i am one that said i would never shoot a rage and recently just switched to one, so dont ever say never!!!

    welcome... and if you have a question, ask it, there are a lot of very resourceful people on here and elsewhere.

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  14. no problem. I am glad that you are planning on practicing for a summer. Some people buy a bow sight it in and think its time to go. Sounds like you are going about it the right way. Plus, after xmas is a great time to look at used bows. A LOT of people ask for upgrades and get them for xmas presents. I know every year I have seen a lot of bows go pretty cheap after xmas. So that is not that bad of an idea to wait untill then. But yes, I am more than willing to take you to the archery shop I go to. There are a couple around this area but I have my favorite. We could go to as many of them as you would like but like I said I have my favorite. I like the staff and the way they take care of their customers. It is a small family owned place with real down to earth people. And it has that good ol country boy attitude. You hear yes mam and yes sir a lot in there. Like I said it is my personal preference. But I can take you to several untill you figure out what it is that you are looking for.
  15. mulehide

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    if anyone is interested i have a pse stinger fully rigged out with hard case.(no broadheads) never hunted with bought last year shot around 30 or 40 times,have messed my shoulder up and looking to sale to buy a crossbow.
  16. dvido

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    Sounds like my type of place.

    thanks carbon...and everyone for your help

    The water heater thread brought tears to my eyes...you all are awesome.
  17. dvido, I forgot to welcome you aboard. This is a great forum with a lot of good people on it. There is also a lot of knowledge in here. Don't believe everything you read thou. Some people will swear by something. They love it, it works for them but that does not mean it will work for you. Everyone is different. But you can get some good advice and help on here. Beware this forum is rather addictive, so be warned. You will love it here. You will get out of it what you put into it. I love it, there are a lot of people that are addicted to the forum. Once again welcome aboard both to the forum and to your upcoming bowhunting life as well. :thumb:
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    I know this forum is addictive. You all for the most part sound like great people. I have been reading this forum for a while now, at least 3x a week...I stumbled upon it last spring while I was looking for a place to crappie fish. Google knows all.

    But the truth is I have always wanted to bow hunt as well. I just did not know the first place to begin.

    Well, I know I have found a start cause you all are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks again for the welcome.
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    THANKS FOR BEING A SOLDIER!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE OUR HEROE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flag:
  20. firehunter

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    You need to know what bow fits you and what feels good. I do have a Hoyt Pro Tech bow that is like new with a longer draw length if you need that. I also have some accessories to go with it. You could get a very nice bow ready to shoot for under $300.
    Let me know if I can help