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I got my taxes in, and I want to buy another shotgun. I have a autoloading Remington 1100 20guage, and a Mossberg 535 12guage. Has anyone been to Fort Thompson or Gander Mountain lately? The two models that really look good to me are the HR Excel Auto Waterfowl, and the new Remington SPR 453. My cousin has the HR Pardner pump and it feels like it is built like a tank. The ole girl and I are making a trip to Little Rock saturday, and I would like to pick up a new shotgun, so if anyone knows of a good place other than the ones I mentioned, please send the information and where they are located my way. I am also in the market for a new bow...I really like the way the Martins feel, but I love the way the new Bear Truth 2 looks (havent felt it yet). Thanks for any advice.
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