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wanted - river boat

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I've become addicted to trout fishing the past few weeks with my Dad and want a bigger 20' White River trout fishing boat for my wife and I and 2 kids to fish out of.

Anyone have a good one for sale ?
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congrats on the addiction, it's a lifetime thing! What part you fishing? How much you lookin to spend, I'll keep my eye out for ya.
might help

p.m me i have a 22ft one poss trade? or 1,000.00
PM sent droptine

I grew up on the river banks of the White and Norfork. i trout fished so much I eventually considered them about on the same scale as carp ! Gads I've caught thousands of them. Anyway, a few months ago my Dad and I stumbled into trout fishing more one day than we did hunting, and the quest began to catch BIG trout. We aint done it yet, but the fire is there and when I get it (like traditional bowhunting) I don't give it up easy !
Bill Berry in Augusta (White River Outdoors). I know. I know. You are talking a little further up river than Augusta but he sells Supreme boats. That's what all the guides have now days.
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