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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by blackmouthcur, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. blackmouthcur

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    Hey guys I know this belongs in the dog section but I figured I might get more results here in waterfowl. Im looking for a full blood lab pup for free or reasonably cheap. Im only 18 and nobody in my family duck hunts so im picking it up on my own with a lil help from a buddy of mine. We got the shootin part down and now we want to try training a pup. Papers would be great but im not real worried bout them just wanting a fair chance for a good start with a pup. I really appreciate yalls help.
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    what is your thoughts of cheap?

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    I have been kind of looking at retrievers as well. So far from what I've found you can get a cheaper pup for $250 to $400 depending on sex and bloodline. But I ran into a guy at the ramp last weekend that had really good yellow and he said he got her for $50 because she was the runt and wasn't papered, but the parents were. The $50 dog retreived ever bit as good as a more expensive dog and better than a lot of high dollar dogs. Got to watch the guy throw a few bumpers while they waited on a wrecker to pull their truck out of the mud.(They had that ford sunk past the axles in white river mud).
  4. blackmouthcur

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    Around 100-150. Im kinda stretched out on cash paying for a truck and insurance and cell phone and supporting my hunting needs haha
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    a buddy at work was trying to give away his lab, not sure how old it is but he has papers for it. He has to keep it pinned up now cause it keeps going over to house construction site and he is scared it will get hurt. let me know if your ontrested and i will contact hii
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    I know a guy that will sell you one in marion, AR for $100. He has 3 yellow males left. I got one from the same parents 3 yrs ago. A great hunting dog and pet. He does blinds and hand signals. Add me as a friend on facebook and you can see photos of my dog (Hayden Sowers). The dad is registered but the mom is not. I couldn't be more pleased with how well my dog turned out. With pups there is no gurantee, but the most important thing is spending time with them when they are young.
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    i have eight that are 5 weeks old. Mother was bought from grandview kennels/ gatopoint tyler background. They are whie , not completly / but white. She was bred by neighbors lab / which was a reg dog 6 years old and huge! I cant get papers on them because the people that had the male never sent off his papers. These are hunting field dogs/ no inbred show dogs// 200.00 bargain!
  9. GARY1964

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    batesville ar.
  10. factory909

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    Im in Batesville, got pictures if the OP doesnt want it?
  11. Roach437

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    I have a choclate female around 8 months old you could have for free. She is located in Maumelle, AR. She is from a good bloodline. I just don't have the time she needs right now. Very sweet dog and great with my kids. Both of her parents a good duck dogs. Text me if interested 501-626-4321.
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    can you pm me some pics of those puppies
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    Reminds me of duck hunting with TK and Mike when they got the "five dolla dog" that was a labrador retriever, from over there at labrador!:biggrin:
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    Bought my first lab pup of my own when I was 17 and didnt have much money. Paid $150 for her, akc registered, parents were hunters. From guiding and keeping track with the tickets you fill out, plus trying to keep count on my own hunts, she has close to 3,000 duck/goose retrieves and close to 2,000pheasant retrieves.....she's 9 years old and sleeping in my recliner right now, when she's gone you will see a sad sad duck hunter
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    Sorry I haven't been on here to respond guys I wasn't trying to be rude. My phone and email got hacked by some sob and I was locked out of everything for a while. As for an update I did find me a full blood lab pup that im training now and hes coming along great. Im already excited about this coming season!