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wanted free duck call

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I am looking for a free RNT all wood double reed short barrel. My wife said I can only spend 20$ on a duck call :lol: I use a buck gardner doubl nasty II (maybe that is why I have so much trouble getting ducks to commit) any ways if any of you are willing to seperate I will gladly be willing to take:thumb: . Any ways we are looking for a member to join our lease this year. and I am looking for a back up if you are interisted PM me we are waiting for some others to see if they pan out first but they are a little flacky, we have some set rules and looking for an average hunter not someone who hunts 60 days a season. not that there is any thing wrong with that but we want our place to have some rest. cost is 1000$ this is the first year on the lease but looks good.
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how about an email of your phone number so we can talk rusty, my email is [email protected] or send me a pm. i am interested and would like some more info.

Hey max, I have some free decoys if you want them:biggrin:

Haha, sorry Rusty just pickin
Hey, I was the first one here to beg for free stuff so get in line.:razz: :biggrin: Go find another corner to panhandle on.:wink: :biggrin:

Just kidding.:thumb:
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