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wanted - Bass Cat boat

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I sold my older Pantera dual console this past summer and I'm already missing it :banghead:

Looking for an older Pantera, Cougar, Eyra even a Margay or maybe Phelix would work ....... I'd like a lake boat to take the 10 year old boy fishing in, and I want a Bass Cat

I'm scanning Craigslist continually but if anyone knows of one for sale, has one etc let me know please !

$ 0 - $6000/6500 range or so depending on what it is you know?
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best place to buy a used bass cat is and go to boats for sale. you will find what you're looking for!
do you mean the Owners board / ? the yuku board? I'm browsing it as well :)
Your more than welcome to come out and look at mine.
I'm still looking ............ c'mon any neighbors have on they don't seem to ever use? get their number for me :)
I gotta old one it's a 1600veee with a 150 merc I'll sell it cheap need it gone pm me
drove 550 miles to look at a Margay yesterday and the he didn't even have the boat title in his name and the trailer title? it didn't match the VIN to the trailer :censored:

still looking .......
there is - I've talked to brieman a bit about it too .... just looking to try and find "the one" you know?

that boat in Shreveport was NOT the one !! gawd
look at baitsandblades website under the classified section.....
Got a 2001 Bass Cat Cougar with Tandem Axle Trailer, brakes on both axles, 80 lb ft controlled trolling motor, 2001 Johnson 225 High Output Engine. Less than 20 hrs on entire rig. Ordered and bought brand new as a dealer boat when we were a dealer. matching cover. Deep burgandy with silver lightning bolt, dark grey interior seats are Brand New. One of the cleanest 01 models youll find.
PM sent armallardbuster but I bet its out of my price range :(
can someone drive to Ft Lauderdale and check this boat out for me ?

1987 Bass Cat Boats Bass Cat Margay
1983 16' Bass Cat Margay with 2001 125hp Mercury with Trailer!
Item Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

1 - 20 of 22 Posts