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Want to Learn to Reload. Help!

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Hey everyone...

Wanting to start reloading for my 5.56 and .223...

Was wondering if there was a kit made where I could purchase everything together, or if its better to get everything separate?

I'm needing suggestions on what company to go through to start a reloading press... I seen that Hornady makes the ''Lock n Load'' kit. Is that a good option with

everything in it?
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Its hard to beat the RCBS RockChucker supreme kit. It has a good portion or everything you will besides dies, powder and small parts. I started out on a Rockchucker and now I use the Hornady LNL AP press. Good luck and be safe. Read the mannual before loading a single round. Reloading is fun and can save money in the long run but it can be dangerous if not treated properly. Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit
Like said above. Do yourself a favor and start out single stage.I used single stage for over 10 years and recently "upgraded" to a progressive and sometimes I think about mounting the single stage back up and making it more simple. I consider myself a fairly experienced reloader and when I started using the progressive press I found myself not paying enough attention to what I was doing. This resulted in an undercharged case and my first squib in my glock 34. That pretty much ruined my day bc I kept questioning myself as a safe reloader. I guess my point is to take your time, read the manual, set your dies up correctly. Do it right do it once.
I can vouch for Hornady customer service. I have broken a few parts on my progressive loader and they shipped them all to me with no charge. Even after I told them it was my fault and it wasnt because of the press in any way. Also, dont forget to buy a bullet puller and case lube for sure. Imperial sizing wax works awesome.
Oh also since you are loading 5.56/223 you will want a primer pocket uniformer if you are going to be using brass that has crimped primers. It can be done without it but it is not advised and it is a pain in the rear to seat primers and some of them won't even seat.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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