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walnut logs

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i have two nice big black walnut logs. for sale or trade...
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How big? length and diameter

How long have they been cut?

How much money?
Jed, I don't want to hijack this thread, but I've got about 20 logs (8ft) still standing that are from16" dbh up to 30" dbh. Do you know a buyer in west central Ark.?
Guys, if you'll PM me your contact info, size of the logs and price, I know a few woodworkers that would probably be interested. I'd take 'em myself, but I have plenty of walnut lumber and not many projects slated to use it yet.

I talked to a guy today that said he'd be willing to trade you a turned wooden bowl or two for the logs, but he doesn't want to buy them. If you can't find a buyer, I'd be happy to come pick 'em up, free of charge :thumb:
My wife made some walnut logs once. It was real good.
My wife made some walnut logs once. It was real good.
:smack: :smack: :biggrin:
i like those pecan logs at stuckey's never tried the walnut.
they are 16' to 20' and about 24" in dia. really nice and dark. have been cut about a month. should have alot of good burl to them, one has some big knotts. the other is a but cut but had a small fork off of it at ground level. been logging all my life and these are the best i have seen in a long time. will make some high dollar lumber.
yea if I would have been thinking, I should have cut up some of the top to make the rifle stocks with. the stumps are still there, i've been told that is where the good stuff is at.
somebody shoot me a price, or do you have anything to trade?
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